Sunday, October 03, 2010

Root for Phils Win or Loss?

I've never rooted for the Phillies to lose. Never. However, today I am torn. If they win today it makes my preseason prediction of 98 wins true and gives me joy via the misery of the hapless Atlanta Braves. But, and this is a big ol' but (like J-Lo's fat booty!), if the Phils lose awholelotta fun stuff could go down in the next two days.

Scenario One: Padres Lose, Braves Win
• Giants win the NL West.
• Braves win the NL Wild Card.
• Padres are eliminated.

Scenario Two: Padres Win, Braves Win
This creates a three-way tie for two playoff spots:
• Padres and Giants would play a one-game tiebreaker on Monday in San Diego, and the winner is the NL West champion.
• Loser of the Padres-Giants game travels to Atlanta and plays the Braves on Tuesday. The winner advances to postseason as the wild card.

Scenario Three: Padres Win, Braves Lose
• Padres win NL West based on head-to-head tiebreaker with Giants.
• Giants win wild card.
• Braves are eliminated.

Scenario Four: Padres Lose, Braves Lose
• Giants win NL West.
• Braves and Padres play one-game tiebreaker in Atlanta on Monday. The winner advances to postseason as the wild card.

Being the obsessed baseball fan I am, seeing 2 1-game playoffs on Monday and Tuesday would be a rare treat, so rare that it has never happened before. If the Braves get the Wild Card the Phils face the Reds. If the Wild Card comes out of the NL West then the Phils have whoever that may be (Giants or Padres).

*Hopefully Polanco gets the start today and gets a hit in his first at bat. Then Manuel can lift him and assure Polly another season with a .300 batting average (currently at .299).

*Vance Worley pitched himself into contention for the 5th spot in the rotation next season. He's looked very impressive in limited doses thus far.

*Cole Hamels gets the start today and will go 3-4 innings. Relieving him will be Roy Oswalt. This sets Roy2 up for the win if the Phils can score some runs off of Tim Hudson, and it would give him a winning record on the season.

*I'll be listening to the game on the AM dial because I'll be in Philly tailgating before the Eagles/Redskins game. McNabb's return, to cheer or boo? I'll cheer at first then boo anytime he does something good.


ACSmitty79 said...

I'm for senario #2. More exciting games.

Andrew said...

definitely an interesting final day of the season that I never saw coming....

Polly needs that one hit! I saw that too.

Worley looks good. Give him a SOLID look in spring training.

Vick is a criminal, cheer for McNabb.

Andrew said...

we're giftwrapping this one for the Braves. As we should.

Matty said...

Okay now we know. Braves are guaranteed another one game playoff.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies Finish with the best record in Major League Baseball for the first time in 128 years!


Tampa finshed Ahead of the Yankees in 1st Place!

Great heads up on Polly and Roy2, too bad they did not come true.

GM-Carson said...

Danys Baez sucks. Truly, deeply, honestly sucks.

ripjgarcia said...

If anyone in the Harrisburg has any interest in meeting up at the Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron St in Harrisburg for game 1 Tuesday, shoot me an email at

GM-Carson said...

Game 1 is Wednesday and I may meet up there with you. Wonder if Corey is busy?

ripjgarcia said...

Crap.. I thought it was Tuesday for some reason. Well.... Wednesday is no good. I have a midterm. Plenty of games to be had.. We'll have to figure something out.