Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pure Awfulness

Ryan Howard has now struck out 52 times in 157 playoff plate appearances. That's 1/3 of the time. Awful.

Jimmy Rollins is 1-15 (.067) this postseason. Awful.

As a team the Phillies are batting .212/.300/.318 and have 27 strikeouts to only 28 hits. Awful.

Pat Burrell has scored 7 runs, hit 2 doubles, 3 homeruns, and knocked in 7 runs in 7 games against the Phils. Awful.

Cody Ross, he of only 86 career homeruns, has hit 13 regular season and 2 postseason bombs off of Phils pitching. Awful.

Tonight's starter, Jonathan Sanchez, has a 3-1 record with a 2.86 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, and 40 K's in 34.2 innings against the Phils. A .175 batting average and .591 OPS against the lefty doesn't bode well for the hapless offense. Awful.


SirAlden said...

Fingers crossed. "Dirty Sanchez" is a Strikeout and Walk King who does not know where the ball is going.

Phillies have to be patient at the plate.

Last night's Blown Strike Call of "LOW" to Pat Burrell when Halladay's Pitch clearly dropped off the table through the plate was a woulda coulda shoulda.

If that Strike had been called the Phillies would have won last night.

Watching Jimmy R is painful. I hope he is able to come back this off-season.

Andrew said...

I feel sick to my stomach already....

GM-Carson said...

Losing tonight would essentially mean losing the series, because coming back from 2-0 is rarely done.

GM-Carson said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot.


Ol' Girl Parts!

The Howard!

There, did I cover my political incorrectness for the day?

Matty said...

Before the game, I told my guys that Hallday's weakness is the long ball. He generally doesn't give up big innings, but he will make a mistake and get touched for one or two a game. I said that if he can stay away from the long ball, he'll win the game. Two solos, the difference in the score. Point noted.

Right from the start, the Phils were hitting Lincicum. Even the outs were solid. I thought it was a good sign that in the long run they would get to him. They proved me wrong.

Howard lead off the 2nd with a double. At the end of the inning, he was still there. Inexcusable in a playoff game. After his hit, I told everyone, Werth will strike out, Rollins will hit his fly ball, and IBanez will end the inning. They are so predictable.

Halladay had Burrell struck out in the 6th. Ump forced him to throw another pitch, ultimately resulting in 2 more runs. Difference in the ball game. Evidence that umps can impact the outcome of a game. Irregardless, Ibanez misplayed the ball and should have caught it to end the inning. He's a nice guy, but I can't wait for his contract to expire so they can upgrade the defense in left field.

Inning after inning, they took perfect pitches and swung at junk. In one at-bat, Howard swung at a pitch across his face, and one for strike 3 in the dirt. Utley looked at 2 perfect fastballs down the middle in the 8th, then lunges for a down and away for a weak grounder to 2nd. In the 9th, Ibanez swung at outside pitches, then took strike three. Gload swings at strike 3 up and out. Victorino swings at what would have been ball 4 on his 3-1 count, then strikes out. The entire side struck out in the 9th in a playoff game down by one run with the tying run on. Inexcusable.

The entire game I was saying, where is the batting coach Greg Gross. Isn't he seeing the trend? Isn't he saying anything to anyone? Like, hey guys, we're taking strikes and swinging at crap. We need better pitch selection.

Even on the post game, it was questioned why Manuel has no running game. No steal attempts, no bunting, no hit and run. He's content to sit back and wait for the 2-3 run homer.

Oswalt and the Phils offense have to step up. Can't got out to San Fransisco needing 4 out of 5 games.

Dr. Steve said...

The Phillies come out flat and rusty after even a few days of not playing.

Rollins had some good at-bats, but he did break the Phillies cycle of swinging early and trying to rattle him. But after that, they should have all taken pitched and worked Lincecum. They broke down, didn't get their hits, but could have won the game.

The Burrell call should have been a strikeout, but there were more things the Phillies could have done right, and Halladay didn't have to give up more runs either.

It was a bad game. This is how the Phillies always get after such a delay. I'll excuse that loss, but the Phillies need to come back and win tonight and the next game. And then win to go up 3-1. And if possible, win that game 5, but I'd be okay going 3-2 and winning it back at CBP.

But they need to win tonight.

SirAlden said...


SirAlden said...

Deafy is wrong.

What if your son was hearing impaired?

The Howard is growing on me.

SirAlden said...


Go Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

I doubt Tyson Gillies cares if we refer to him as "Deafy". It's not like he can hear us.

Anyway, the bats came to life and they look like a complete club. This team can't be stopped if they play up to their capabilities.