Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Never known for great timing, the GMs are heading out of town this weekend. No internet access for either of us and while I can’t speak for Carson, my getaway includes only three television stations, none of which happen to be FOX. So, I will be getting my sports news Saturday night the old fashioned way, via the 11:00 local news sports report. I feel like wearing British Knights sneakers and a Hypercolor shirt to complete the nostalgia. Here’s hoping for a Game 7 and a few thing to chew on before Game 6.

Can we stop the “Chase Utley is the greatest defensive second baseman in the league and deserves multiple Gold Gloves” bullshit for awhile? His defense this post season has been abysmal. His defense last post season was abysmal. He made 11 errors in only 115 games this season. Utley always has made a bunch of errors but the Sabermetricians don’t care about errors as long as his UZR is high. And his UZR is real good. So good in fact that had Utley has the best defensive player at any position over the last three years. It’s ludicrous.

Speaking of Utley, he’s checking in offensively too – to the tune of a .158 average and no extra base hits. Given Utley’s consistent career performance, I don’t think I’m going out on limb to believe his thumb injury is still troublesome.

So far the Phillies are hitting .209 this series. They hit .215 last series. As a comparison, Abraham Nunez is a career .242 hitter. He also hit .346 in 28 playoff at-bats. This team is individually and collectively worse than No-Hit Nuni.

Ryan Howard is hitting .285 this post season and yet he’s horrible. Zero RBIs. Fourteen Ks in 28 at-bats. Combine this post season with last year’s World Series and Howard has struck out 27 times in his last 51 playoff at-bats. Did I mention the zero RBIs?

Jayson Werth is now the Phillies leader in playoff home runs after hitting his 13th in Game 5. Chase Utley has 10 and should catch and pass Werth in the next few years since Werth will be playing elsewhere and the Phils WILL return to the post season next year.

Roy Oswalt has never lost a game at Citizens Bank Park.

If the Phils win the game tonight, start planning for a World Series because there is no way they would lose Game 7.

Finally, here is a picture that I took from of Roy Halladay staring at Pat the Bat. I though Roy looked pretty gangasta so I made him look a little more gangsta. I guess I would title this, "Roy Will Cut(ter) You." Very clever of me.

Go Phils.


ripjgarcia said...

Nice to see you're getting in touch with nature.

SirAlden said...

nature calls. don't try to find out why a bear shits in the woods corey.

ACSmitty79 said...

Hey i was here in June/July saying it's time to see what the Phils can get for Utley, and use him to retool the team.

Yesterday ESPN 97.5 Mike missenelli asked "Is it time for the Phils to maximize Utley's value?"

I still don't see how this could be a bad thing. But i'm not attached to Utley either.

SirAlden said...

"A game of inches. A game of Umpire's missed calls."


You never ever gave up!


Aaron said...

This one hurts the heart a little bit.

Bob D said...

great season, great comeback. Fell short but it was fun.

ACSmitty79 said...

The year was fun at times, but frustrating much of time. This series was frustrating because of countless missed opportunities.

Rueben needs to determine if the game has shifted over to the pitcher or if this season was a fluke. If it's shifted to the pitcher, we need to change philosophy. if it was a fluke, we still need some tweaking.

Of all the thing that surprised me most was Polanco not playing so well when we needed him. I know he was hurt, but he played well hurt before.

GM-Carson said...

Howard getting caught looking to end the game...




Ah, screw it, I've got nothing.

Dave said...

Ryan Howard's fielding improved dramatically this year. Now he should spend the entire off-season learning to hit curve balls and breaking balls low and outside.

Any team would be crazy to throw him fastballs ever again!

SirAlden said...

Sad today.

Bad umpiring calls. The Pitch before Burrell doubled. The Balk call that never was. The final low ball four.

This team has such a heart, such a wining attitude they willed themselves to a league leading 97 Wins. A post Season with Utley, Rollins, and Polanco not at 100%.

I wonder if the Utley and Rollins,
will ever heal? Jamie Moyer will be Pitching in the Dominican this Winter trying to heal as well.

Dozens of Players were on the Disabled list, and Cholly still guided the Phillies to a Major League Leading 97 victories.

How did he do that? This team may be the best the Phillies have ever fielded. Every single player did their best. I love this team. Our 2010 Philadelphia Phillies.

I am really happy the Washington Senators/Texas Rangers are in the World Series for the first time ever.
Really glad the New York/San Francisco Giants are in the World Series for the first time in S.F. and for the first time since 1954.

And we do not have to face Cliff Lee.
Thank goodness for small favors.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- I could have sworn the San Fran Giants have been in the World Series at least twice since the late 80's. I'll have to look that up to be sure though.

GM-Carson said...

Of note- I had a hypercolor tshirt and British Knights.

Sir Alden- San Fran Giants in Series in 1962, 1989, and 2002.