Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JC is Free Again

Remember the Free JC movement? Well, the Phillies are setting JC Romero free for real this time, as in free agency. The strikezone impaired lefty reliever had his $4.5M option declined yesterday and will receive a $250K payout instead. I recall WSBGMs not caring when Romero was signed to his 3 year $12M deal, and we remain indifferent.

The Phillies already have Romero's replacement in the form of Antonio Bastardo. Bastardo, like Romero, is small in stature for a pitcher, is lefthanded, is wild, and hails from somewhere of Spanish-speaking origin. Freakin' clone right?!

Anyway, JC's time here was both good and bad. Over the 4 years he posted a 6-6 record in 213 games spanning 148.2 innings with 2.60 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, and 105:123 BB:K ratio.

Personally, I'll never forget his run-in with a Flordia Marlins fan (yeah, I had to check that too, they actually exist). He also won WSBGMs fan vote for Phillie to be tattooed in order to replace the departed Brett Myers.


Matty said...

Four pitch walks get you walking.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro said, if Romero doesn't find a deal elsewhere, the Phillies could be interested in bringing him back at a lesser salary.

"I think we can still have discussions with him," Amaro said. "Without question."

Dr. Steve said...

Yeah at the league minimum. That guy was AWESOME in 08, and real good in 09, and a total, complete bomb this season.

Personally I think there has to be better relievers on the market than him for similar, low-cost options.

Also, Singleton was moved to Left Field!! What does this mean?? Only the most moronic of fans won't know.

Bob D said...

Singleton if moved along could be up sometime in 2012 - big time hitter.

Good bye Romero, thanks for 3 good years. Time for Bastardo to step up

Andrew said...

20 bucks says Ed Wade signs him to a 4 year deal