Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Howard- Playoff Edition

Josh Hamilton, he of past addictions and ginger ale celebrations, committed The Howard last night in Arlington. It's only the second ever playoff Howard since the stat's inception into the mainstream media (aka- basically just this blog and a few other places), as last year golden boy Derek Jeter broke the cherry. The tattooed, born again Christian Hamilton knocked in 3 runs, stole a base, drew a walk, struck out twice, hit a bomb, and committed an error. Quite the effort, but it came in a disheartening loss to Jeter's Yankees, as manager Ron Washington mishandled the bullpen to epic proportions which lead to a huge series opening failure. Hey Washington- lay off the nose candy and help our Canadian deafy snorting outfielder kick the habit too. Freakin' Tyson Gillies ain't a prospect, the only prospect he has is of serving a jail sentence and possibly doing a hilarious Rick James impersonation. Anyway, I'm rambling, game tonight, Halladay/Lincecum. Go Phils!


GM-Carson said...

I was going to originally add this into the post, but I decided to hop onto my soapbox here in the comments section instead...

I understand that people make mistakes, hell I've made plenty. However, I'm not celebrated for correcting my mistakes or leading a better life, nor should I be because as humans that's what's expected of us. It bothers me that we as a society heap praise on people like Josh Hamilton for turning his life around. Dude was a coke addict and an alcoholic. He relapsed a year or so ago, and that's where that picture surfaced from. That's the type of shit we're going to celebration as a nation? C'mon, why not celebrate Ken Griffey Jr., Jim Thome, or Greg Maddux. Those are role models and heroes. Not Darryl Strawberry, Rick James, Josh Hamilton, Lawrence Taylor, Wade Boggs (continually cheated on wife), etc.

I'm not pretending to be perfect, I'm no saint. But there are plenty of celebrities out there that are. Recognize the good in people instead of celebrating the bad- Brett Myers. Still glad that douchebag is gone.

Matty said...

When Cano hit the solo in the 7th, I told my gang, the Yanks come back in the 8th, and that solo will be the difference in the game. Yeah, just call me a psychic.

When Hamilton came up in the bottom of the 9th, I also said he would end the game on the first swing. And not in the walkoff fashion either. He can't swing at that inside pitch on the first pitch. Bat at-bat.

SirAlden said...

Do you think Ken Griffey was clean in the Steroid Department? What about Nomar Garciaparra?

Calling someone Deafy. Is sad and sick Carson. I love you but you are a moron.

There were no fingerprints on the cokebag found in the back seat of the Cruiser. Tyson Gillies immediately tested clean.

Why would you brand someone who has never been convicted of anything with Hamilton?

The central tenant of Christianity that is different from all other religions,last time I checked,
is forgiveness.

You have feet of clay today Carson you should be ashamed of yourself.
"Deafy" to your own words.

I forgive you.

Bob D said...

Its good to acknowledge and encourage one when he does turn around his life the right way.

GM-Carson said...

Whatever, I'm done blogging. Screw this.

There, how's that for a retirement speech.

Andrew said...

ha, drugs are funny. so is name calling. keep on blogging.


J DUB!!!!!!!!!

SirAlden said...

GM-Carson is the best blogger ever.

ripjgarcia said...

How the F did christianity get rolled in to argument. Your an idiot SirAlden for assuming that people share your beliefs, or that you know what others beliefs are. I'm sure I'll burn in your hell for saying so.

On to the game. It sucked.

Anybody else think that the sound editing by FOX (turning off the crowd and back on) was more annoying than actually having to listen to whistling guy.


GM-Carson said...

I'm a Christian.

I don't think Griffey juiced.

I've forgiven Hamilton, not that he needed me to.

Bob D said...

We still love Carson and this blog! Its my favorite, no need to get upset at anyone. Go Phillies! looking for a rebound!

ACSmitty79 said...

Sir-Alden has a knack for the annoying.

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