Sunday, October 17, 2010

Game from a Tainted View

I decided to blog while watching tonight's game. This is simply my ramblings and sometimes likely to be incoherent thoughts as they are happening.

Top 1st- Oswalt dominant. Step in, be had, sit down.

Bottom 1st- Victorino and Werth watch called third strikes and Ibanez strikes out too, at least he swung I guess. Personally, I would have started Francisco in favor of Raul against Sanchez, but what do I know, I'm just a hack blogger after all. Gift run due to botched play by some Frenchman and a missed call on a "ball 4" to Rollins. Bases were loaded with 1 out, but the Phillies did nothing to help themselves. Will to win? Hardly.

Top 2nd- Oswalt dominant. Step in, be had, sit down.

Bottom 2nd- 3 up, 3 down. Phillies still can't hit worth a squirt of piss. This offense has clout, but it's due to past success, certainly not what was done this season or postseason.

Top 3rd- Oswalt dominant. Step in, be had, sit down.

*Interjection*- Yikes! Oswalt is as filthy as a hourly rate motel bed. Dude looks unhittable.

Bottom 3rd- Yippie a hit. By Ryan Howard no less. Don't worry, no runs to be scored due to Werth's inability to make contact off Sanchez (14 at bats, 8 k's, ZERO hits).

Top 4th- Oswalt dominant. Step in, be had, sit down.

*Interjection*- I'm about to start cutting and pasting the top of each inning.

Bottom 4th- This Frenchman sucks for the Giants, where's that fat endangered species eucalyptus eating panda at? Ball was in the air for a full rotation on a sun dial for crying out loud! Another gift to Jimmy- base hit *cough*bullshit*cough*. Whatever, he never got further than 2nd base.

Top 5th- Cody Ross. Cody Ross? Cody Ross! Put one in his f'n earhole! Halladay and Oswalt are great pitchers, but those are some fat pitches they served to that effin' elf. Aside from that mistake, Oswalt has been fantastic tonight. Score 1-1.

Bottom 5th- Vic with a double. Life back into crowd. McCarver as annoying as ever. I'm hitting mute. Alright, back to baseball. Utley gets him over on deep fly, then Polanco sac fly. Phils back on top, 2-1. Howard with another hit against this tough lefty. What will Werth follow up with? Groundout. Werth sucks tonight, where's Dom Brown? Just kidding...sorta.

Top 6th- Torres 0-3 with 3 K's tonight. He will now fall into obscurity and become Oswalt's houseboy. Roy2 pitching very well tonight.

Bottom 6th- Ibanez is pitiful. I'm so harsh, but really, he just doesn't belong in the lineup against Sanchez. Phillies went down easier than a hooker. They both blow!

Top 7th- Oswalt dominant. Step in, be had, sit down.

7th Inning Stretch- time for a beer. Wait, I've got work tomorrow. Crap.

Bottom 7th- Oswalt with a line drive single and he chases Sanchez. Vic bunts him over. Utley intentionally walked. Polly with a single, Oswalt runs through the stop sign, and he scores! Love this dude. (Another pitching change and that awful Train song is playing on the commercial "hey, hey, hey"...why do people like that queer-ass song?) Alright, back to action, double steal, nice. Howard K's with the runners in scoring position though. Ugh. (Another pitching change, that'll be 4 this half inning. I hate those Old Navy mannequin commercials, I just don't get them.) On Facebook I predicted a J-Roll pop-up on pitch #2. What I really meant was bases clearing pop-up off the rightfield wall. 6-1 Phils.

Top 8th- Andres Torres now 0-4 with 4 K's against Oswalt tonight. I'd feel bad for him if I actually cared. Oswalt might be running outta gas though. Yep, here comes Charles Fuqua Manuel. Wait, Roy2 remains in the game. Situation- 2 outs, 2 on. He comes through, Huff lines out to Vic. Terrific effort by Oswalt. That's a competitor.

Bottom 8th- some terrorist-esque pitcher Sergio Romo takes care of the Phils, but they're sitting pretty for the W.

Top 9th- Ibanez robs Burrell of a hit. Nice play. Madson closes it out. Series tied 1-1. Good win. Good night.


Matty said...

Nice performance by Oswalt. A gem. And for once, Chollie did the right thing by allowing him to finish the 8th.

Finally, a clutch hit by Rollins. Nice.

Madson does what every Phils pitcher does in the 9th. Allows base runners and makes it interesting.

Feels good to put some runs on the board.

Bob D said...

The Phils did it again. Their offense seems to click for 1 or 2 innings, scores a bunch in one shot and they are done. The pitching keeps the other team off the boards

GM-Carson said...

Glad the Phils gave some breathing room to Oswalt, even if it came late. Pitching in tie game or 1-run situations has to be extremely stressful.

SirAlden said...

Hopefully 'ol girl parts will do great on tuesday as Ryan Howard - Homers, Strikes Out, and commits an Error.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- about time you jump aboard this wagon.