Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Birth of Cole

To be accurate, the title of this piece should be "The Re-birth of Cole," but since the original isn't the called the Re-Birth of Venus...

Cole's arrival to the post-season in 2007 was mediocre. He had one average start while the team got swept away by Colorado. The following year, a star was born. NLCS MVP. World Series MVP. Unfortunately, we all know how the next twelve months (apologies to the Sabermetricians who think he was just unlucky for an entire year...) and the following October went. Brutal.

Well, the star needs to be re-born this playoff season. Cole is lugging a whole lot of playoff baggage from last season into this start. Let's hope he pitches with confidence and not hanging change-ups.
Some Other Stuff
I was offline for a while and didn't get to comment, but I actually think the debate of who's pitching performance was more dominant, Lincecum or Doc, is a valid one. I think Doc's was but it's because of how I view certain stats. Let me explain.

There's no debate that Doc's game was more special, more historical, more memorable, more traditionally important, etc. But as far as domination, the only thing that separated the two starts statistically was Lincecum with six more strike outs and Lincecum allowing two batted ball to be hits. And the stats guys will tell you that BABIP (batting average for balls in play) is almost entirely "luck." So if you are a stats guy, you would probably think Lincecum had the more dominant game and just got less luck than Halladay. Agree? Maybe not. But it's not a ridiculous idea.

File Under: "Karma's a Bitch"
Orlando Cabrera had to run his mouth. [See Carson's post from two days ago.] He had to besmirch His Greatness' no-hitter by complaining about the umpire and his big strike zone (while ignoring the fact that his pitcher couldn't make it to the 3rd inning because he couldn't find the zone.) Now what's Cabrera up to. Right, he was just arrested by the Karma police. He has an oblique strain and may not play tonight or the rest of the playoffs.

File Under: "Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard. Ever."
Apparently Dusty Baker does more than ruin the arms of young pitchers. He also says really, really stupid stuff. Like this great one after Game 2, "In my mind, we outplayed them."

Exactly how did the Reds "outplay" the Phils. More walks. More HBP. More errors. Less hits. Just stop talking, Dusty, and go back to what you do best - high volume referrals to Dr. James Andrews.


Rich Baxter said...

Cole is quite an improvement over last year.

We tend to have short memories and a lot of sports is 'what have you done lately' with a lot of people.

I think Cole has a tough assignment tonight. The Reds are do or die and they are at home.

It will make for great October baseball for sure!

Love the photoshop work!


SirAlden said...

In the Future when someone's arm falls off you can Photoshop the head onto the 'Venus de Milo'



GM-Carson said...

I have faith in Hamels. I know he doesn't care what this blogger things of him, but I think he's gonna do fine just the same.

Guess Tony Gwynn owes his lifetime 3000+ hits and .300+ average all to luck right. I hate BABIP!

Preserve Jon said...

Welcome to clinching day!

Colbert will give us a good outing. It would help if the Phils had a quick start, but Cueto has been tough on the Phils this year.

He's got a 1.20 era over 15 innings in two starts this year. The good news is let up 10 hits in those 15 innings and he's 1-2 with a 5.96 era lifetime against the Fightins.

Also, what is up with the third alternate unis during the playoffs? Braves, Giants and Rangers now. Anyone else? At least the Phils and Yanks (ugh) keep it classy.

GM-Carson said...

Alternate unis equal more sales of merchandise because there's those people that gotta have every color/style. Like me, I have old school maroon, baby blue, home pinstripe, and red batting practice. All I'm missing is road gray and that ugly cream Sunday/day game one.

GM-Carson said...

From Facebook:

WSBGMs- Brooks Conrad with his 3rd error of the game. Better put him on suicide watch.

Steve Kapschock- he would probably botch that too.

GM-Carson said...

Karma police nab Cabrera again. Thanks for the error/unearned run buddy.

Preserve Jon said...

Dare I say Halladay-esque in being cool with runners on base.

GM-Carson said...

Scott Rolen with an error- lets see those tears you lil' bitch!

Bob D said...

Oh, on Halliday vs Lincicum (no hitter vs 2 hitter), Halliday was more dominate, because the hardest hit ball was by the pitcher that Werth made a sliding catch on. Almost everything hit was weak such as popups and grounders. I didnt watch Lincicum's entire game but he had several line drives hit off of him.

Bob D said...

It wasn't luck as BAPIABP or whatever the heck it is. His pitches had so much movement and fooled so many that when they did make contact it wasn't much of anything. There are no hitters or shutouts that are more of luck but this was not one of those despite the fact he didnt reach double digits in Ks

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