Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andy Martino Excellence In Journalism Award

I know I'm a day or so late on this, but I couldn't resist commenting and I definitely couldn't resist giving out another A-Mart Award.

The notoriously uninteresting Marcus Hayes did a live chat a few days ago and said some things that went well beyond his typical combination of baseless, unenlightened opinions and straight up idiocy. Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of that too. He said Chase Utley is a bad fielder. He said prospects are worthless unless they are at least in AA. And then there was this gem.

Wow. .250+glove > .300/30/100. Under this theory, Marcus Hayes the baseball general manager would trade Derek Jeter in his prime for Pokey Reese, or Robinson Cano for Yuniesky Betencourt. The comment basically mocks itself so I won't spend much time because like I said, he took his comments past common stupidity and into the realm of...wait for it... race-baiting lunacy. Yeah!

Let me summarize Marcus' sentiments for you:
- Chase Utley is treated better than Rollins/Howard by the fans because he is white.
- If you criticize Rollins/Howard and not Utley you are likely a member of the KKK.
- Marcus Hayes can't be a racist because he is white and black.

Now my comments on each of these points.
- I completely disagree with this assertion. Of the three players mentioned above, Jimmy Rollins has taken the least amount of criticism since the NLCS. Mainly because less is expected of him. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, I guess. The argument that race plays a role is very possible, especially when talking about individuals. But difficult to prove, and hard to believe, that a very large collection of people is racist. Not only is it hard to prove that a large group is collectively racist, is a dangerous position to take. At least for some people. Remember this quote

"I don't think Mcnabb's been that good from the get-go. I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

This quote from Rush Limbaugh was deemed so "racist" that he was fired from ESPN. Any difference between that and what Hayes said, other than Limbaugh didn't call anyone a member of the KKK? Speaking of that...

- This is the point that an unnecessary race argument turned into vile, race-baiting by Marcus Hayes. Hayes took the opportunity to take the commenter's use of the term "plays hard" into accusing him of calling Rollins/Howard "lazy," which we know is used by actual racist as a negative stereotype for African Americans. The problem is, the perception of Utley around all of baseball is that he's the consummate hustler. Gives 110%, etc. etc. And Rollins was once benched for not running out a batted ball and for showing up late to a game, at which time many fans/media questioned his desire/hustle/leadership. "Playing hard" might not have been the best attribute to argue this case but the idea is rooted in real events and opinion, not just blunt racism as Marcus Hayes implies. He's been around. He knows this. But instead of acknowledging the facts, he took the cowardly despicable route of needlessly insulting the commenter. Also, do you know who's been criticized the most on the team in the past for being "lazy?" Cole Hamels, for sure. He took a beating for a year because of his perceived work ethic and he's pretty darn white.

- Now it gets stupid. I won't spend much time on this cause this isn't a blog that studies social trends or race relations, but to suggest that one's race precludes or excludes one from being a racist is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard/seen written. Not only is the notion stupid, but it's sad to see Hayes use this argument to defend his own bigotry.

My impressions of Marcus Hayes after this chat are that he knows very little about baseball, very little about Phillies fans, and very little about how to conduct oneself in a legitimate online public forum. His needless race-baiting was disappointing and his comments overall were a negative representation of both him and the Daily News. He's very much deserving of an Andy Martino Award for the failures of "mainstream" journalism.


GM-Carson said...

Excellent points Corey.

Chase Utley is loved because of the way he plays the game. If your hardnosed and noticably give a solid effor, the city of Philly is gonna love ya.

Howard gets ripped because of his inability to throw to 2nd base and lay of sliders 2 feet off the plate and in the dirt.

Rollins doesn't really get dogged that much. He does, but just as much as anybody else not named Halladay or Utley.

I mean, look at Ryan Madson's stats. The dude for all intents and purposes is a very good setup man, yet he's trashed all the time. He's white too last time I checked.

As Corey mentioned, Hamels was the biggest goat of the "lazy" label. He turned that around this season with rededication to the process.

Marcus Hayes is an idiot. So is Andy Martino.

Hydrant said...

I read Bill Baer's commentary on this chat over at Crashburn Alley and both he and Corey are right on point.

After reading this, is there any question why newspapers are a dying breed?

Corey said...

one of the many problems with sports writers is this. they forget that they are just writers and pretend that they are somehow more knowledgable about than their readers.

10-15 years ago it was easy for sports writers to pretend that they knew more about sports than their readers. but b/c of the internet, we have access to all the information that only a certain few were privy to. now they are exposed as hacks when they make comments like hayes did. everyone sees that these guys are merely english majors who chose to write about sports instead of politics or current events or whatever. they aren't pundits, their reporters. yet many continue to think they are sports experts merely b/c they have access and they articles show up in sports sections. it's the same as if carson and i pretended we were baseball experts. silly.

note to sports writers - the dissemination of one's ideas on a topic does not grant one expertise status in said topic.

GM-Carson said...

Wait...I'm not a baseball expert?

Dammit, my world is shattered.

SirAlden said...

Totally agree.

Even if he has a point to make,he is totally incoherent.

I think you should apply for a job Corey. His job. I really do.

GM-Carson said...

I think Corey's real profession is better paying and probably more gratifying than Hayes'.

Andrew said...

Say goodbye to two more WFCs, Dobbs and Moyer. Both utterly useless in 2010, but WFCs in 2008. Thanks guy and best wishes.

Bob D said...

If you hate all equally, then does that make you not a racist?

Marcus Hayes, what are your feelings on Hispanic players? hmmm how about Japanese? Hawaiian? Canadian? how about Ole woman parts?

Ahh yeah, that sounds like some drival coming from my keyboard - SEE I can sound stupid too just like Willie Mays Hayes!

Thank you! Sorry Carson about your World being shattered, we wanted to let you know in a suttle manner - but Corey went for the juggler!

Bob D said...

Oops I meant Marcus Hayes, but its all good.

Rich said...

Marcus really sounds bitter. Maybe it's all that extra weight he's carrying around. I don't think Marcus has ever met a Krispie Kreme he didn't like.

Rich said...

Marcus really sounds bitter. Maybe it's all that extra weight he's carrying around. I don't think Marcus has ever met a Krispie Kreme he didn't like.

Anonymous said...

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