Friday, September 24, 2010

WSBGMs Interviews Andy Martino

Ex-Phillies beat writer turned bad guy (aka Mets scribe), Andy Martino, was kind enough to entertain an email interview with WSBGMs. He originally contacted us after our last parody of him. We effed with him a lot, but was still able to find humor in it, so that gets him some respect points in my book. Although, my book is more like a pamphlet and doesn't count for shit. Anyway, here's the real Andy Martino on We Should Be GMs for the first time.

1. In an email you wrote to us- "You have to stop thinking I write for the Mets. I cover them with no bias or emotional attachment, just as I did the Phils. They think I'm a Phillies fan in New York, and a Met fan in Philly." If you're a fan of neither team, what exactly are you then?
A reporter.

2. We Should Be GMs busted your chops pretty good in our parodies of you, why did you find them humorous?
Because I desperately crave attention of any kind.

3. The Mets are dead, so what's left to play for?
Not my problem. Ask them.

4. Does a .500 season even mean anything to the Mets at this point?
Not really.

5. What the hell happened to Jason Bay?
Citi Field is large, with fences far, far away from home plate. He's been a good, not great player in the past. His head hurts. Nice guy, though. He has perhaps the best vocabulary of any ballplayer I've met. Said "kerfuffle" once.

6. How do Mets fans truly feel about Francisco Rodriguez?
Ask them. But I suspect that many feel something like an intense, visceral dislike. Difficult to generalize how an entire group of people feels about one subject, though.

7. Can I punch Jose Reyes in the face next time he does a homerun dance?
You should see someone about that rage. Not healthy. Reyes is a good dude. His antics annoy some people- but really, I think the more pressing issue is the anger evident in your question. I worry for you, is all.

8. Currently- beard or no beard?
No beard at this time.

9. More fun team to be around- Phils or Mets?
Phillies are more fun to watch on the field. Mets are, as a group, more accessible and friendly. Either way, it's my job to deal with whatever.

10. Best player to interview?
On the Phillies, there are several great interviews. Rollins is incredibly insightful, although not always willing to share those insights. Werth, when he's in the mood, will blow you away with his intelligence. Brad Lidge, in addition to being the nicest man on the planet, has a wide range of interests outside sports.

As for the Mets, R.A. Dickey is smart, well-read and friendly. Wright and Reyes are very accessible for marquee players, more so than Utley and Howard. Ike Davis is funny and very grounded for a hyped rookie. All around, a friendly clubhouse.

11. If we were to run into each other after a game and went to a bar for some drinks, are you ordering- appletini, water, jack n' coke, or beer?
I usually go one beer, then a stiffer drink or two like whiskey or martini, then water, then probably some more damn work before I go to bed.

12. More hardcore fan base- Phils or Mets?
Don't really know. My job is more about dealing with players and front office, to bring information to fans. Don't interact with fans as much as I do with people connected to the teams.

Thus concludes our enlightening Q&A with Mr. Andrew Martino.

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Bob D said...


GM-Carson said...

Honestly, this was the real Andy Martino this time. Corey was going to parody his answers, but really there didn't seem to be a need.

Preserve Jon said...

True that Carson. What's with his answer to number 5?

"Citi Field is large, with fences far, far away from home plate. He's been a good, not great player in the past. His head hurts."

Martino showed the chops to engage in an email interview with a credible blog that ripped him to shreds. On top of that he gave honest remarks. That needs to be said. But dude, lighten up. There are unique challenges and quirks in any job. Your assignment entails writing about baseball, not the innerworkings of the National Security Council. Have some fun out there.

Good luck to Mr. Martino in the future.

furiousBall said...

you should have asked him if he's a little anxious with the cold months approaching, you know... probably makes him apprehensive since he sits when he pees.

GM-Carson said...

As far as writers go, I like Todd Zolecki. He's very accessible to the blogging community, he keeps it lighthearted, and like to put his opinion/spin on things.

Bloodstripes said...

Good stuff.

Muck the fets!

Bob D said...

11 in a row, magic#3 (Braves losing now) Braves play during the day tomorrow, so the Phils could clinch at home tomorrow or Sunday. 34 days til World Series starts in Philly. 19-3 in September.

GM-Carson said...

98 wins still a possibility (my prediction before the season).

This team is amazing right now. I'd like more offense, but 11 wins in a row is 11 WINS IN A ROW!

Braves lost too, now magic #2.

ripjgarcia said...

Look who has the best record in baseball.