Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writer's Block

Last night's game didn't really matter so I'm not even going to bother bitching about Jose Contreras' 2000th walkoff homerun allowed. Instead I'm going to look back over the past week of WSBGMs comments section.

September 28th-
I have to admit, I'm fighting a little complacency now that we're in for the fourth straight year. I'm not nearly as excited this year.

It also seemed that way for the on-field celebration. Only Polanco was jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean. There's still work to be done and the team knows it. There's something to be said for that. I can remember watching the Yankees teams celebrate during their late 90s early 2000s run and I always thought they looked rather subdued and business like. It looked like entitlement from the outside. I hated it. Now that I'm a fan of a team celebrating in the same manner. I see that it wasn't entitlement, it was confidence. Good work fellas.

This was the hardest road to hoe since 2007, no question about it. Barring 5 straight losses, the team will be rewarded with homefield throughout the playoffs. The road to the World Series trophy comes through Philadelphia.
~Preserve Jon

September 27th-
Pat Gillick is a Genius.
~Sir Alden

September 26th-
You called him 'old girl parts' and jinxed him Corey. All your fault all season long. The Phillies did not score a run for Hamels in 4 starts against the Mets. Keep it up Corey...
~Sir Alden

I'm still worried about this offense though. If they can't hit Pat f'n Misch, how the hell are they supposed to hit the Giants or Padres starters?

September 24th-
You should have asked him if he's a little anxious with the cold months approaching, you know... probably makes him apprehensive since he sits when he pees.
~Furious Ball (in regards to the Andy Martino interview)

September 22nd-
And I was bored so I looked up Madson at Baseball Reference. He has not given up an earned run since August 23 and prior to that no earned runs past July 29. Since that July day he has 31 IP, 0.58 ERA and .87 WHIP and 36 Ks. Then I got more bored. Since that same day the three-headed monster in our rotation has an ERA of 2.33 with a .97 WHIP. And Lidge. 2.14 ERA, .95 WHIP, 22 Ks in 21 innings. Just impressive.
~RIP J Garcia

September 21st-
Spandexdouchenugget. I guarantee I will use that phrase at least once in my time left on Earth.
~RIP J Garcia

The Phillies organization should stop being so concerned about the media and the hoopla about someone being tazered. When someone runs out on the field, the rules should be that all bets are off, and you are getting what's coming to you, no questioned asked. Period.


Preserve Jon said...

In terms of investments, here's one I never would have considered. You know how Michael Jackson at one time owned a portion of the Beatles' catalog?

Apparently J-Roll owns a portion of the rights to a Snoop Dog song called - get this - Sexual Eruption.

I love this team!

(Props to Zo)

GM-Carson said...

Tonight's Lineup:
1. Rollins/SS
2. Valdez/2B
3. Victorino/CF
4. Sweeney/1B
6. Francisco/LF
7. Mayberry/RF
8. Dobbs/3B
9. Hoover/C

SirAlden said...

I hope Sweeney is on the Post-Season Roster and he has a Matt Stairs Moment.

GM-Carson said...

Sweeney damn well better be on the postseason roster.

The backups hitting better than the regulars.

Mayberry should be the 5th outfielder next year. Ibanez/LF, Vic/CF, Brown/CF, and Francisco and Mayberry as backups. Mayberry has speed and pop and kills lefties.

GM-Carson said...

Sweeney needs to k for the Howard and another Phils victory.

Blanton looked good again tonight. He really had a decent second half of the season. Good to see him finish strong.

J-Roll looks horrible. He needs as many abs as possible before the playoffs start.

Victorino is now batting below .260...ouch.

Bob D said...

Post season roster pitchers:
That should be enough for the first round. Of course we all know Blanton, Kendrick, Contreras, and one other will likely go, but with that starting staff the relievers may only pitch 3 innings