Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When I Was 17...

145 games played, 17 remain. After the series opening win against the Marlins the Phillies record stands at 84-61, a .579 winning percentage, putting them on pace for 94 victories. Will 94 be enough? Hard to say, I hope and think yes. However, at the beginning of the season I predicted 98, which means they would have to go 14-3 the rest of the way. Not likely, but would guarantee playoffs. Get it done fellas, get it done!

Remaining Schedule- 6 with Washington, the Mets for 3, 6 with Atlanta, and 2 with the Marlins.
When I was seventeen
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for small town girls
And soft summer nights
Wed hide from the lights
On the village green
When I was seventeen
~Frank Sinatra

*Is Carlos Ruiz the team MVP? I think so. Great offensive output (near .300 avg and .400 ob %) from a catcher and handles the pitching staff with a tough but tender hand.

*Wilson Valdez is not of the caliber of MLB starting infielder, but he sure is a fine utility man. This is the first UTL for the Phils that's been able to handle the stick and the mitt since Tomas Perez back in 2003.

*5 straight seasons of 100+ RBI for Ryan Howard. WSBGMs may not be a fan of his contract, but we are a fan of his production.

*Please discontinue use of David Herndon. Opposition batting about .330 off him.

*Brian Bocock got an at bat. This saddens me.

*How the hell does Greg Dobbs have 5 homeruns?


Corey said...

herndon babip is .358. if you remember, that means he is just extremely unlucky.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Corey, I honestly think the both of us would have a good shot at putting the ball in play off of Herndon.

GM-Carson said...

*Cole Hamels is riding a 25 scoreless inning streak.

*The Phillies are 60-36 when Ruiz starts.

*Rollins rejoins the team today, but will be limited to pinch-hitting duties.

*Phils are likely to use Oswalt on Friday instead of Kendrick, which will lineup the Big 3 for both Atlanta series (Big 3 = Oswalt, Halladay, and Hamels).

SirAlden said...

"We'd hide from the lights."

Bocock is has a great great glove.
May still become a ML Utility Man.
He hit .288 in the second half, was the right choice when J-Roll went down. Three games ago, after pinch hitting for Valdez, Polanco was set to play SS with Cooch at 3B.

Ryan Howard is 12th all-time in Phillies RBI's (out of 1881 Batters) in only 6 Full Seasons.

In all Phillies HISTORY of those 1,881 Battters, only Howard and Chuck Klein had 5 100 RBI Seasons
in a row. Only Howard had a chance of 6 or more beginning next year. All Phillies History.

Ryan Howard has now had 5 in a row.
Chuck Klein had 5 in a row.
Utley had 4 in a row.
'Big' Sam Thompson had 4 in a row.
Del Ennis had 4 in a row.
Ed Delahanty had 4 in a row.

That's it, in All Phillies History.
Stop complaining about the contract.
He is earning it now. When he stops earning it look back and ask if the seasons before was worth the wasted money at that time.

You really do not realize what you have in Ryan Howard. Honestly you don't.

Finally -

Boy! I wondered how the HELL Dobbs had 5! Homeruns too when I looked at the Boxscore.

GM-Carson said...

The name of this site isn't "We Should Be Admiring Fans" it's "We Should Be GMs", as in general managers, as in making business decisions. Hell yeah Ryan Howard is awesome and his production is great. However, I personally look at the business side of the player and that contract will become a burden in my opinion. But you're right Sir Alden, we are witnessing history with Howard and I am thankful to have him on this team. But should be paid like one of the top 5 players in baseball? I say no.

Dr. Steve said...

I would argue that Ryan Howard's RBIs are so high because he consistently bats cleanup. I hate how hit or miss baseball stats are. Different pitchers depending on who you hit in front of or behind. Different number of At Bats depending on where you are in the lineup. Inability to score runs low in the order, inability to score RBIs high in the order.

Granted, every sport has these problems (for example, the Flyers traded Scottie Upshall due to poor play, but ignored the fact he was getting four minutes on the fourth line. Same for Patrick Sharp), but it bothers me especially here. Howard IS a great baseball player. But part of stats like RBI depend on the guys who get on base in front of him, and where Howard hits.

But I love the big guy more than most people here.

Bob D said...

Don't forget the offense is way down even in all of baseball. So having that many RBI's is pretty good. Also Howard has hit much better and even has 5 game winning Howards.

Ruiz is having an awesome year
Valdez has been good to have but the amount of GIDPs is too high

Andrew said...

Where my magic numbers at?

Andrew said...

There goes the scoreless streak. Well done Ole Girl Parts. It was impressive.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge in the 9th is scary. Please don't blow it.

GM-Carson said...

Never a doubt.

Bob D said...

wow impressive. Pitching is starting to dominate anymore

SirAlden said...

Is Howard currently worth the money?

Yes he is.

When he is not worth it, then you whine. Whining about things that may - or even most likely will happen is girly.

Bob D said...

no one is worth $25 mil

GM-Carson said...

Ol' Girl Parts was dazzling last night. He might have a good career after all. J/K