Saturday, September 25, 2010

To Do List, Clinch? & Other Thoughts

To Do List:
1. Clinch the division and home field advantage.
2. Getting Jimmy Rollins 15-20 at bats before the playoffs.
3. Allow JC Romero to pitch in some tight situations against lefties.
4. Move Valdez to 3rd for a few games when J-Roll is back in the lineup to give Polly a much needed break for that busted elbow.
5. Get Schneider behind the plate, Chooch could use some R&R.
6. Gload, Francisco, and Sweeney need some ABs.

Is today the day to clinch? Braves at Washington in the afternoon (1:05)- Derek Lowe vs. Yunesky Maya. Wouldn't it be great to see the young Cuban defector pick up his 1st MLB win today? Tonight in Philly (7:05) Dillon Gee vs. Kyle Kendrick. Some how, some way, KK gets wins.

Other Thoughts:
*I love the Phillies and Chase Utley is my favorite player, but that slide was unnecessary and dirty. If he gets hit tomorrow in the back, he should just trot down to 1st and let bygones be bygones. No need for retaliation from the Phils or a bench clearing brawl. Be smart, the Mets have nothing to lose but the Phillies have everything to lose with the playoffs lurking.

*The Mets pinch runner timeout call in the 9th while Lidge was in the stretch was just silly. Lidge said, "That's an interesting freeze-the-kicker type move, I guess. I actually haven't seen that done in baseball. Hopefully that won't be a trend. Hopefully that's a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing." Whatever, it didn't work. Mets suck.

*Riding an 11 game winning streak the Phillies currently own the best record in baseball 93-61. My preseason prediction of 98 victories might happen after all.

*Pedro Feliz may be the worst player in the Majors this season. That's funny, I actually remember some people on other blogs saying that letting him go and signing Polly was a mistake. Idiots.

*The Pirates lost their 100th game of the season yesterday. Pathetic.


Andrew said...

Going to the game tonight! Could it be a miraculous night? I hope so!

Dr. Steve said...

Do you think J-Roll should be starting? You don't think we should ride the Vasquez train?

ripjgarcia said...


ripjgarcia said...


SirAlden said...

I am 100% in agreement with you GM-Carson. Utley should take the ball in the back, smile and run down to first base.

I am right behind you GM Carson and Utley. So I have two people between me and the Pitcher as the pitch is thrown.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies have the Best Record in all Baseball at 93-61, and they just passed Atlanta 114-112 in Run Differential last night.

Magic Number for the NL East 2
Magic Number for the WildCard
interestingly enough is 3 against the Padres. The Rockies can not catch the Phillies for the Wild Card Spot if disaster strikes.

ripjgarcia said...

Something missing from your to-do list was:

Release Greg Dobbs.

I just have this horrible feeling that Charlie will take him along for the post season, and that is just bad business.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why FOX didn't pick up the Muts/Phils broadcast. It was because they couldn't show the Phils clinching today. So, instead, they showed the Braves/Nats, so the Phils might celebrate on local TV. Nice move.

However, looking ahead at the schedule two weeks ago, I would have thought the Phils would have lost a few games, and the Braves maybe won a few more...

Nonetheless, a nice move for FOX. We can't clinch tonight because the Braves won. But still, a nice move to now show NY versus Philly in September.

GM-Carson said...

Root for Howard to K then he'll have The Howard and the Phils will win.

Seriously though, this winning streak has been awesome, but the offense is still basically a no show.

And what the hell is wrong with Chad Durbin lately?

Bloodstripes said...

It was a top run. You can't win 'em all. Or in Pittsburgh's case. You can't lose 'em all.

Andrew said...

rough game to be at. KK looked awesome until the 7th and those were just some well placed hits. Durbin and JC looked aweful. and only 5 hits all night? sad. nice weather at least!

ripjgarcia said...

Arm fell of part deux

GM-Carson said...

Danny Valencia with the Double Howard last night- 2 E's, 2 HRs, and 2 Ks.