Sunday, September 05, 2010

Thome Hat Tip, Call-Ups & Stellar Bullpen

Hat Tip to Thome:
WSBGMs would like to congratulate slugging 40 year old Jim Thome on becoming the 9th ranked homerun hitter in MLB history. Yesterday he blasted 2 homeruns, now with 20 on the season and 584 in his career, and passed the steroid denying Mark McGwire. Frank Robinson and his 586 bombs are next on the totem pole of achievement. Thome is a class act all the way. I remember his 400th homerun in a Phils uniform and how his signing brought excitement back to the franchise. Future Hall-of-Famer in my opinion.

Paul Hoover/C, Greg Dobbs/3B/OF, and Ross Gload/1B/OF have already been summoned from the minors and reportedly Nate Robertson/LHP is next in line. Don't be surprised to see Vance Worley/RHP, Drew Carpenter/RHP, Scott Mathieson/RHP, Mike Zagurski/LHP, and John Mayberry/OF to also join the Phils for the stretch drive after their minor league seasons end within the next week. Of that group Gload is the one that is the biggest asset, but Mayberry offers some pinch hitting pop and Mathieson has quality stuff that produces strikeouts, so at least we won't have Herndon pitching 4 innings to end a game or Oswalt in the outfield.

Stellar Bullpen:
The bullpen has been a sore subject for much of the season, but the group of Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, JC Romero, Chad Durbin, and Jose Contreras have done well lately. Even David Herndon has been serviceable. With the starting pitching doing a fine job and the bats possibly coming to life finally in the last month of the season this team is setting up for a run deep into October.

*Old Buddy/Now Enemy Randy Wolf gets the start for the Brew Crew today with Kyle Kendrick looking to secure the sweep.


Dr. Steve said...

We've got a month left, and a bunch of fresh arms from the minor leagues who are trying to make a name for themselves.

It's time to replace Kendrick. He's shakey. He's been good, he's been bad, but he's getting too unreliable. I'm sure the Phillies can win this game, but it's 3-0 in the top of the first. That's not what you want out of your fifth pitcher.

After this game, I don't want to see Kendrick again.

ripjgarcia said...

I wonder if Scott Cousins realizes how important his second career at-bat was.

SirAlden said...

How does a Tie Work in the WSBGM's Playoffs. Tie goes to best regular season record?

Time for the Titans, QUARTER FINALS!

SirAlden said...


GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- I don't wanna talk trash, so I'll keep it civil...your season will be over after this week.

Hey, lets play 2 today.