Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Rundown

Is there something wrong with Chad Durbin?

Last night esteemed commenter "ripjerrygarcia" wondered if his arm has fallen off again.

Then Carson dropped this line on Bookface - "I think we need to hold a funeral for Chad Durbin's arm. It has officially died."

Okay, since I don't actually watch the games anymore (I learned from the stats geeks that watching is completely over-rated and that everything we need to know about baseball is in the box score...) I figured I better pour over some stats. Truth in numbers, bitches.

ERA by month:
Apr - 2.61
May - 2.77
Jun - 4.50
Jul - 4.91
Aug - 3.07
Sep - 7.27

That doesn't look so good. But, over his last eight appearances, his ERA is only 3.37 (2 ER in 5.1 innings.) Also, he's apparently had some bad luck, too. His BABIP this month is .384.

Conclusion - I have no idea. And I refuse to comment on how he looks because that doesn't mean anything, just ask MLB scouts, who do most of their work in the basement of CBP comparing the VORPs of high school players...
Sunday Clinch Day?
Philles: Ol' Girl Parts v. Pat Misch.
Braves: Beachy v. Livan Hernandez

The Braves trail the season series with the Gnats 9-8. At this point in the Gnats history, if you lose a season series to them, you should be ineligible for the playoffs.
Best TV Day of the Year?
11:00 - Newcastle v. Stoke
1:00 NFL RedZone
1:30 Phillies (clinch Division???)
4:00 Eagles v. Jax
7:00-9:00 Nothing...
9:00 Boardwalk Empire
10:30 Eastbound and Down


GM-Carson said...

I'm an Amazing Race fan and that's on at 8 tonight.

GM-Carson said...

David Wright is stupid.

SirAlden said...

You called him 'old girl parts' and jinxed him Corey.

SirAlden said...

All your fault all season long.

The Phillies did not score a run for Hamels in 4 starts against the Mets.

Keep it up Corey...

GM-Carson said...

Hamels was bad today. I'm not worried about him, but he was awful.

The offense is sucking. Even through the 11 game win streak the offense still wasn't very good. The 11 game win streak was almost entirely pitching.

GM-Carson said...

I know I shouldn't complain, but this series was a letdown. Bad baseball. Relief pitching was meh, offense was a no show, and they wasted an opportunity to wrap stuff up.

Daryl said...

It's so funny to read the comments from a post just two years ago, and to notice how negativity has turned to optimism.

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