Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spiderman Goes Down (with Manuel comments)

Where's a cop with a taser when you need one? Oh yeah, they aren't allowed on the field after the last jerk was taken down with the zap gun. Instead we have to watch a bunch of untrained idiots unsuccessfully chase these losers around. Memo to the Phillies: stop the PC bullshit and put a cop with a weapon in the outfield so these morons can be stopped immediately.


GM-Carson said...

"cop with a weapon in the outfield"...how about a crossbow?

Preserve Jon said...

Caught the wrap up in the car last night. Franzke said this is Colberts 5th straight win (in five outings). That means Hammy was once 7-10.

Hard to believe Harry!

Not that he needs it, but I would imagine Doc has a little more motivation tonight to get W number 20. Let's go boys!

GM-Carson said...

Bottom line- the Phils need to and should blast Braves starting pitcher Mike Minor tonight.

Preserve Jon said...

The beauty of the prose of Jason Stark and professionalism of Cole Hamels.

So if there's any good news for Atlanta, it might be this: At least neither Halladay nor Oswalt is pitching as well as Hamels is right now.

Over his past five starts, the 26-year-old left-hander is 5-0 with a ridiculous 0.49 ERA. That's two runs and just 18 hits allowed in 36 2/3 innings pitched, with 35 strikeouts.

SirAlden said...

Old Boy Parts!

GM-Carson said...

"Old Boy Parts" sounds extremely pedophilia and insinuates that Sir Colbert Hamels has yet to reach puberty.

Matty said...

The Phillies organization should stop being so concerned about the media and the hoopla about someone being tazered. When someone runs out on the field, the rules should be that all bets are off, and you are getting what's coming to you, no questioned asked. Period.

GM-Carson said...

I say they reincarnate the Ultimate Warrior and have him clothesline the next sonna bitch that runs on the field.

Corey said...

don't you have to die before being reincarnated?

GM-Carson said...

The original Ultimate Warrior did die.

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