Sunday, September 26, 2010

Special Edition of The Howard

Last evening on the 25th of September, Minnesota Twins' thirdbaseman Danny Valencia committed the first Double Howard. 2 errors, 2 homeruns, and 2 strikeouts in the same game. Quite the accomplishment. Fantastic. I was so overjoyed by this that I had to give Mr. Valencia his own post on a Phillies blog and nearly awarded him with 2 Howards for the same game...nearly. The 2010 Year Of The Howard is almost over with only a week left to play in the regular season, and Ryan Howard and Mark Reynolds sit atop the standings with 5 Howards apiece. You best be rootin' for The Big Piece to notch another one this season to claim sole position of what is rightfully his...that and Howards equal wins for the Phillies.

Bad Series:
Hamels was bad. Madson was bad. Durbin was bad, which made KK look bad. The offense was bad. Really, it was a letdown. The Phils could have wrapped everything up this weekend, but instead squandered the opportunity. I'd bitch more, but they are fresh off an 11 game win streak, so I'll be easy on them...for today.


ripjgarcia said...

Nothing good to say about baseball so I'll talk about Fantasy football.. I'd like to thank God, my family, and my agent for the 156.74 pts I put up today in the WSBGM league.

Bloodstripes said...

Even with all the bad the Phils clinched a playoff spot. Halladay to wrap up the division crown tomorrow. Best Phils team ever.

SirAlden said...

Give Valenica 2.

Hamels was fine the Phillies should Score 5 or 6 Runs for him every once in a while like they do for Moyer and KK.

Listen to radio. Larry Anderson went NUTS at the umpire. Two Balls right down the middle of the Plate were called Balls on Hamels. Hamels questioned the UMP so he called two more pitches on the corners, Balls, and then Glared out at Hamels.

He should be fired. There should be no EGO ever shown by an UMP. Fire Him.

The Magic Number is 1.

GM-Carson said...

The umpire was horrible, that we agree on Sir Alden.

I'm still worried about this offense though. If they can't hit Pat f'n Misch, how the hell are they supposed to hit the Giants or Padres starters?

Dr. Steve said...

Give Valencia two, and Phillies pitchers got screwed all day long. I would love to sneak an Ump into a game and have him be blatantly biased on his calls and see what the results are. I think something drastic has to happen to end this reign.

Still mad that the 08 World Series Game 5 was called due to rain, but they DIDN'T RETROACT the last inning where Hamels pitched in the pouring rain. Baseball is just stupid.

GM-Carson said...

Every sport has its problems. Just so happens the baseball has turned its focus to poor umpiring rather than PEDs.