Friday, September 10, 2010

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: September 10th 1997

The year was 1997 and the Phillies were in last place with a 58-84 record (almost the complete opposite of this season's 81-60 record). Terry Francona was the manager and times in Veterans Stadium were dismal. Many fans are happy that both Francona and the Vet are long gone in Philly. The lineup was filled with a bunch on nothings, never-weres, and has-beens, aside from Rock-n-Rolen and Lieby. The pitching staff, just as bad, with Matt Beech being the loser of this affair to the Mets 10-2.

1. Rex Hudler/CF
2. Mickey Morandini/2B
3. Kevin Jordan/1B
4. Scott Rolen/3B
5. Mike Lieberthal/C
6. Tony Baron/RF
7. Ruben Amaro/LF
8. Desi Relaford/SS
9. Matt Beech/SP

Notes: Ambidextrous pitcher Greg Harris pitched in relief, Cory Lidle picked up his 9th hold for the Mets, and Mike Robertson (who I don't remember) pinch-hit and got beaned.

Present Day:
Happy days are here again in Philadelphia with the Phils holding a 1 game lead in the NL East over the Braves. 3 game series with the Mets starts tonight in Queens, with Roy Halladay against Jenrry Mejia. Mejia is a spry 20 year old live-armed righty that the Phils need to put in his place immediately. Know your role kid- Utley & Howard punching bag.

Elsewhere- Chris Carpenter/STL vs. Mike Minor/ATL and Jonathan Sanchez/SFG vs. Clayton Richard/SDP.

Stuff- Nate Robertson was released, thank God! Brad Lidge and Jimmy Rollins are day-to-day with minor injuries, with both possibly being available tonight. Placido Polanco is playing with a broken elbow and needs offseason surgery. It's quite ballsy and amazing the way he's been able to play and produce through the injury/pain this season.


furiousBall said...

Nate was awful the other night, thank you for releasing him. I've never liked pitchers with glasses (except Teke)

GM-Carson said...

Offense looking good again tonight. When Utley and Howard are producing this lineup is money. Halladay not dominant, but plenty good enough. Phils continue to play great ball in September (their theme over the past 4 years).

SirAlden said...

Bringing Halladay out to Pitch the 8th was just plain wrong.

Preserve Jon said...

Way to go old school boys. I like it.

GM-Carson said...

Can't blame Charlie, he doesn't trust his relievers and neither do I. Nice win again though.