Thursday, September 16, 2010

Off Day Schadenfreude

Phils lead the East by three. It's finally "hitting season." The three-headed ace is dominating. So many great things to talk about...but instead, I'd rather point out the September performance of the pathetic Braves. Their misery is my happiness.

Look at this 6-9 record:

How about some of their pitchers this month:
Tim Hudson - 0-3, 6.38 ERA
Jair Jurrjens - 1-2, 6.32 ERA
Kenshin Kawakami - 0-1, 13.5 ERA
Mike Minor - 0-1, 9.00 ERA

And that Derek Lee trade:
September stats - .238-1-5


GM-Carson said...

Bobby Cox will not be missed by most Phillies fans. Great manager, but his Braves teams have long been a thorn in the Phils side. Good-bye Billy Wagner, good-bye Booby Cocks, and possibly good-bye Larry Jones.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, how stupid does this post look now?

Bob D said...

Nice, I even posted "they need to go 42-27 the rest of the way to get to 90 wins and a likely playoff spot " Well they have 86 wins already and even have a shot of best record overall (2.5 behind Tampa) with 15 games left. They already have a 2.5 game lead for best NL record.

At the time of that post they were 48-45 and have gone 44-16 since then.

Dr. Steve said...

That post looks like a normal, rational Philadelphia fan post.

I gave up on the entire Eagles season by halftime.

And I gave up on the Flyers season when they signed Jody Shelley to 3 million over 3 years. (Although I regained hope when I read up on that Testwuide kid.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils season certainly seemed over when I did that post, at least to me. They were playing horribly and showing no signs of a turnaround. Well, they did it again, the late season surge. Guess we should just come to expect that from them until they fail to do it.

SirAlden said...

Commit Domestic Assault?

Did good ol' boy bobby b*tch slap someone domestically?

SirAlden said...

May 1995: Braves manager Bobby Cox is arrested on simple battery charge after his wife called 911 and said Cox hit her. She retracted the statement the following day, and the charges were dropped after the couple attended court-ordered counseling. [still managing in Atlanta and a lock for the Hall of Fame]

Dr. Steve said...

We should have traded Brett Myers to Atlanta.