Friday, September 03, 2010

Irrefutable Evidence That The Howard Wins Games

Eight times this season a Phillie has committed the dubious act of The Howard and the Phillies have gone on to win each one of those games. The latest...a MLB tying best 5th Howard by its namesake.

The Howard- a feat accomplished when a player hits a homerun, strikes out, and commits and error all in the same game.

Only 1 of the 3 criteria is something positive that would aid in winning a ball game (HR). However, WSBGMs has uncovered irrefutable evidence to prove that when a Phillie commits The Howard in a game it will inevitably end with a W for the good guys. The same cannot be said for the remaining 29 teams' players that commit The Howard, as it seems it's only Karmic retribution for the Phightins.

2010 Howards by Phillies:
Ryan Howard- April 7, Phils over Gnats 8-4
Ryan Howard- April 28, Phils over Giants 7-6.
Jayson Werth- May 6, Phils over Braves 7-2.
Chase Utley- May 14, Phils over Brew Crew 9-5.
Jimmy Rollins- June 23, Phils over Indians 7-6.
Ryan Howard- July 9, Phils over Reds 9-7.
Ryan Howard- July 27, Phils over DBacks 9-5.
Ryan Howard- September 2, Phils over Rox 12-11.


GM-Carson said...

Paul Hoover was called up Wednesday and Ross Gload was activated today with Greg Dobbs also being recalled. Damn, no more Roy Oswalt in the outfield I suppose.

Bob D said...

Carson, I will be at the Pirates game tonight. I will see if they have any leftover Nyger Morgan shirts for you
What no pitchers called up?

Preserve Jon said...

A thorough recounting of Nyjer Morgan's douchebaggery. Perhaps I should reconsider my defense of said d'bag's actions on Wednesday.

furiousBall said...

I'd like to coin "The Me in College" which would consist of throwing up on someone, hitting on a woman heavier than me, injuring myself, passing out naked in a public place.

I won every game too when I did that. Game of what you might ask?

Precisely. *tents fingers*

GM-Carson said...

Nyjer Morgan is a bitch ass punk. He has problems. Gonna end up Milton Bradley-esque.

GM-Carson said...

By the way- Sir Alden wanted The Howard changed to The Reynolds or The Dunn after last season. Looks like the almighty GMs were right all along.

Bloodstripes said...

I like the Howard. It wins games.

SirAlden said...

Randy Wolf led the Phils in

"Me in College"'s remember the
pics of him with ugly chicks?

Who is the Career leader in 'Howards'
since it was invented?

Bloodstripes said...

Top pitching wins it again. Only 1 back

Bloodstripes said...

3 days, 3 cities, 3 wins.

Go you Fightin's

SirAlden said...

1 Back NL East
3 Up NL Wild Card

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden, you know the answer to your question and it is Mark Reynolds. But the stat was created for our slugging, wiffing, error prone firstbaseman.

Ol' Girl Parts with another gem last night. He's turned into a damn fine pitcher.