Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honorable Hamels, Red Idiot & Minor Champs

Honorable Hamels:
Cole Hamels = Ol' Girl Parts? Ehh, not so much. The man has been amazing since the All-Star break. Better than Roy Oswalt and better than Roy Halladay...not that they've been slouches by any measure. He's been tough and has looked tough (not that looks win games). Last night was a huge game and he pitched brilliantly. King Cole is primed for the playoffs. Over his past 5 starts- 5 wins and a 0.49 ERA. Since July 10th, 6-3 with a 1.74 ERA. Just imagine if the Phils routinely scored this guy some runs.

Red Idiot:
Players, Coaches, Ball Girls, Umps, and Grounds Crew belong on the field. Douchenuggets in a red spandex body suit do not. Mad props to Braves' Matt Diaz with the take down.

Minor League Champs:

The Lakewood BlueClaws are the Single-A Sally League champions for the second consecutive season. The Phils minor league system has produced enough quality prospects over the past few seasons that's allowed them to trade for Joe Blanton, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, and Roy Oswalt and almost everyone of those prospects came through Lakewood.

*The Phils now have 3 starting pitchers with ERAs below 3 (The Big 3). As Todd Zolecki put it, "In the past, they might have said, 'Well, we've got Cole Hamels out of the way. Now we can get after (insert names here) tomorrow and Wednesday.' Except this time (insert names here) are Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt."

*Hey, Brad Lidge is still pretty good. He's converted 14 of his last 15 save opportunities and is boasting a 0.91 during that span.

*Doc Halladay goes for win #20 tonight. That's friggin' exciting!


Bob D said...

I wonder how the spandexdouchenugget was treated in jail? Come here ole girl parts - oh wait your not him!

Lakewoods was voted best ML team in all of baseball earlier this year too. They are awesome.

GM-Carson said...

A win tonight puts the magic number at 6 I believe. In July, I honestly never thought this possible.

GM-Carson said...

Glad that Werth decided to hit with runners in scoring position finally.

Jeremy said...

Shane O has been absolutely worthless tonight 0-5 W/ 7 LOB.

GM-Carson said...

Game is closer than it should be. Madson and Lidge gotta hold it down.

Aaron said...

FINISH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...


GM-Carson said...


SirAlden said...


ACSmitty79 said...

1 game away from best record in the majors. And we'll likely end up with more wins than an either of the previous years in this run. What a fkking year!

Bloodstripes said...

Another top win. They just keep piling up. Congratulations Doc on the 20 big ones. Filth!!!

ripjgarcia said...


I guarantee I will use that phrase at least once in my time left on Earth.

SirAlden said...

Magic Number is 6.

5 Games Up on the Braves.
7 Games Up on the Padres.
7 Games Up on the Rockies.

Roy Halladay (20-10) is the first Phillie 20 Game Winner in 55 years.

91-61 with 10 games to play.

Phillies are 13-1 for their last 14 games.

SirAlden said...

In this the 128th Season for the longest running history of the World
in all Sports

There are only 7 Phillies Teams that have more Victories than the 91 the 2010 Phillies Currently have - With 10 more games to go!

All you long suffering Kids of the '90s These are the Days.

Bloodstripes said...

1st 20 game winner in 28 years since Carlton. 1st RHP in 55 years since Roberts but I know you know that SirAlden.

SirAlden said...


Magic Number is 6.

5 Games Up on the Braves.
6 Games Up on the Padres.
8 Games Up on the Rockies.

SirAlden said...

Yes RH Pitcher thanks BloodStripes

Lefty Won 27 in 1972
Won 20 in 1976
Won 23 in 1977
Won 24 in 1980
Won 23 in 1982

Robin Roberts last Won 23 for the Phillies 55 years ago. He Won 20,21,28,23,23,23 in a 6 year HOF Run
from 1950-1955.

BTW Roy Halladay had 148 Victories for the Blue Jays. So only 128 Phillies Victories To Go until be enters the Hall of Fame as a Phillie!

Dr. Steve said...

Or one World Series win.