Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fuqua Makes A Deal

Charlie Manuel, on the show "Let's Make A Deal":

Wayne Brady: Okay, Charlie, you can have this bag of garbage or what's behind door number one.
Fuqua: I'll take the garbage.
Wayne Brady: But, it's garbage?
Fuqua: Yeah, but there could be smellier garbage or even two bags of garbage behind the door. At least with this one bag of garbage, I know what I have.

Now, replace "garbage" with "Kyle Kendrick" and "door number one" with "Vance Worley" and you get the thought process behind picking today's starter.

Kendrick is 1-3 with and ERA over seven (SEVEN!) in his last four. Worley....who knows. I guess he could be smellier garbage. We'll never know.

Garbage v. Pelfrey, Shiti Field, 4:05, FOX has television.


GM-Carson said...

Why the hell is he going with KK? Worley has some upside and pitched well in his start against the Marlins. I just don't understand Unka Cholly sometimes.

GM-Carson said...

In the WSBGMs fantasy baseball league Corey and I finished the regular season in the top 2 spots, but are now in danger of being booted from the playoffs. C'mon Harry Kalas Cialis and Lidge Ledge Leapers!

SirAlden said...

Since Ties seem to go to the regular season record Holders, and you cannot determine one or two start weeks, you are in a excellent position to pass me.

Remember do not root against Howard and Victorino RBI's today GM-Carson!

Win to Benoit and Casilla indeed!

That's Baseball! If I survive I am set up with lots of two start weeks next week.

Whatever happens it is just an Honor to be in this league and a part of our collective bargaining agreement.

You better not lower the amount of moves allowed next year below 65!

Corey said...

patriotism is great and all, but those hats are straight ugly.

ripjgarcia said...

When will this love affair between Charlie and Greg Dobbs end.

Rube needs to get some nads release his ass so Charlie can't play him anymore.

GM-Carson said...

Contreras back to sucking goat testicles.

Mr. Retarded Big Waggy Tongue Pelfrey shutdowns the offense.

Braves win.

So long 1st place, sole possession that is.

SirAlden said...

Interesting. Jason Werth in addition to striking out yet again with runners in scoring position in the 1st today, is penny wise and pound foolish.

SirAlden said...

1.5% difference on a 66 Million Dollar Deal that Bay got last year would be -- 660,000 + 330,000 = $990,000 -- IS ONLY $598,950 Dollar Difference when the Bush Tax Cuts for the Highest 3% of earners expires.

If it is re-inacted it IT IS ONLY $643,050.

Hmmm do you think Boras of another
top line agent will be able to score you $598,950 +$1 Dollar more over the length of the contract?

If you do not, then you are a Moron/noobie, just like Jason Werth.

He has obviously been thinking dollar signs this year at the plate and in the outfield when he throws to the wrong base.

He looks like such a carefree Hippy who would say "I am going to make a lot, the number whatever it is, will set me up forever, and whatever the number is it will have no measurable difference to my happiness.

Guess not.

Matty said...

Here's the scenario:

Mets up 2-0. Runners on first and second for the Mets. Two outs. Cholly orders an intentional walk to load the bases. He then brings in....drum roll please.....JC Romero. Who everyone and their uncle knows has trouble throwing strikes. Three pitches later the count is 3-0. DUH. Did anyone think otherwise? Two run single and it's now 4-0, and that's the ball game, as the Phils later came up with three runs. Yep, Cholly is a managerial genius.

SirAlden said...

Braves Lose.

Phillies up by ONE in the NL East.

Phillies up by TWO in the WildCard over the Giants and Padres.