Monday, September 13, 2010

The Eagles For The Phillies Fan

Like most Americans I spent the weekend watching football and not baseball. So I can’t write about the Phillies today. Instead, I’m going to write about the Eagles. But I’m going to put all Eagles info into Phillies/baseball context to help all of you baseball-only readers.

The Eagles: Fourth and 1…shotgun…run with the quarterback without a lead fullback.
In baseball: Think of the worst offensive strategy, like bunting with two outs or pinch-hitting Greg Dobbs.

The Eagles: Linebacker Stewart Bradley got knocked so silly he couldn’t even walk off of the field, instead he was stumbling around in a concussive stupor. However, he was back in the game the next defensive series.
In baseball: After Stephen Strasburg throws a pitch and clutches his forearm in pain, manager Jim Riggleman goes to mound and tell the young hurler, “Shake it off kid. Get back on the mound.”

The Eagles: FB Leonard Weaver and C Jamal Jackson suffer season ending injuries.
In baseball: I don’t know if you need to be “strong up the middle” in football, but losing these players would be like the Phillies playing the majority of the season with Wilson Valdez and Jaun Castro in the lineup…

The Eagles: After the game, dog-torturer Mike Vick says, "I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would have had a chance to win the game."
In baseball: Imagine Ryan Madson saying this after Brad Lidge blows a save, “I feel like we would have won if I had pitched the ninth inning.”

The Eagles: Kevin Kolb goes 5-10 for 24 yards in an obviously over-conservative game plan with three of those passes coming post-concussion. Despite the small sample size, many Eagles fans are ready to throw in the towel on Kolb’s career and the Birds’ season.
In baseball: Giving up on Ol’ Girl Parts after a few starts. Giving up on the Phillies when they are not in first place in July.

The Eagles: Eagles lose to the Packers.
In baseball: This is like losing to the Yankees. Sure, it stinks. But don’t you expect to lose to the best team?


GM-Carson said...

The Packers are great, but it should be noted that Corey is part Cheesehead.

I love the line about giving up on Hamels and the season. I am guilty of such.

furiousBall said...

glad I didn't watch the eagles and they made it easy for me in week one to free up my sundays this season. Go Phils! Go Flyers!

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies have pitched 18 shutouts this season, the most since 1965 according Zolecki.

Hamels, Halladay, and Oswalt are one helluva trio. Best in the majors. Get them 4 runs a game in the playoffs and I'm thinking World Series Part 3.

Corey said...

oswalt, halladay, OGP - the three stooges

GM-Carson said...

Corey- that pic deserves its own post.

Preserve Jon said...

What we need to see is another newspaper article, blog post, CSN or local news story, or national news spot about how the Phils will be able to line up Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt to face the Braves twice in the last few weeks of the season.

I think it started with a D. Murph post back in early August. I've had to have seen 10+ items on this topic, including a repeat story in todays paper! Let's come up with some creative stories, eh?

I miss Conlin and Lyon. I miss sports writers with the ability to write well. Those who can weave a narrative and tell a compelling story while conveying the necessary information are invaluable.

I understand that newspapers are a dying industry and salaries are falling. But asking where that talent has gone is a valid question.

Those who can recap a game or offer a pithy opinion as another pretty face are a dime a dozen.

The absence of these writers are an obscure reason reason why I turn to blogs like this to keep me informed and keep it light.

Thanks for keeping it fresh GMs. I wish I could say the same for the professional sportswriters these days.

Dr. Steve said...

What happened to Conlin? His last article was a month ago.

Also, I trust Vasquez pretty heavily. He's no Chase Utley, but he seems to have less 0-5 days. He won't have the 3-5 days that Utley will, but compared to the Eagles losing Weaver or Jackson - their backups are all essentially a 2B who would hit 9th, swing three times at the air, and commit at least one error a game.

Corey said...

re: baseball writers - obviously you aren't reading andy martino...

Anonymous said...

The Eagles: Michael Vick comes back from trouble and almost leads the team on a comeback.
In Baseball: Ugueth Urbina saving 50 games for the '11 Phillies.

Bob D said...

The Eagles: Saying Kolb is the starting QB next week if he's healthy
The Phils: Saying Rollins should play Friday or Saturday or Sunday or early next week but they send him home for an MRI.

GM-Carson said...

Rollins MRI showed slight strain. Could pinch hit lefthanded by tomorrow...yeah right. He ain't playing until this weekend at the earliest.

GM-Carson said...

Bats came ablasting tonight. Unfortunately the Nationals suck and Atlanta is steamrolling them.

Bob D said...

I think the Nats threw out a single A pitcher in that game, it was over before it ever started

GM-Carson said...

Please discontinue use of David Herndon.

Dr. Steve said...

I would assume Herndon is worn out but for his career in the minors he's thrown 150 innings, 100 innings, and then 65 innings. So far he's at 49 innings.

So is he tired? Maybe he's adjusting. Maybe he's been trying new pitches or practicing more. Maybe he needs to be shut down. Maybe he just had a bad game.

I'm hoping this offseason he undergoes whatever transformation Ryan Madson underwent two seasons ago. Not that anyone expects him to become a strikeout pitcher, but a pitcher with better command.

And hey, there's always next year's Rule 5.

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