Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Don't Call It A Comeback

They've been here all year...

...except they haven't seen first place since May. But all that can change tonight. With a win against the Fish and another Braves loss the Fightins will take back their rightful place atop the NL East.

Now, there are some things going against this reclamation project. First, the Braves are not likely to lose again to the lowly Pirates. Second, Ladies Love Cool Joe is pitching for the Phils. Hopefully he can rebound from his 4 inning, 10 hit abomination last outing.
Vance Worley > Kyle Kendrick
I'm done watching Kyle Kendrick. He's been really bad recently, to the tune of 2-4 and a 7.04 ERA in his last six starts. His next scheduled start is Saturday against the Mets. I say give that start to young Vance and hope for some "flash in the pan" success.
Werth to Boras
Werth is dropping his agent, Jeff Borris, and is close to signing with Scott Boras. It's not news to anyone that Werth is looking to cash in on his recent success and will be leaving the Phillies, but hiring a guy like Scott Boras just makes it official. And I'm perfectly fine with it. I'd like to see Werth stay but I can't hate on somebody trying to make money. I just hope he has a horrible 2011 season...


Preserve Jon said...

I don't know if it's the SI editors looking for column ideas or Tom Verducci, but he seems to always come out of left field.


Stop trying to fix something that isn't broken!

Dr. Steve said...

I'm not sure Werth is as good as the past two years showed him to be. Regardless, I'd like to add two right handed batters next season - one to replace Werth, and one to even out the lineup. Brown is in the outfield, so that leaves Victorino and Ibanez to decide who gets replaced by a righty.

I hope it's Ibanez. He's doing good right now, but there's no future. Platoon him with Brown and sign a big hitter!

SirAlden said...

Platoon a lefty with a lefty?

Victorino and J-Roll not hitting Righties when they bat Left-Handed
really is the difference from no offense and good offense.

Need to hit Righties Better.
The Phillies are Mashing Lefties.

Corey said...

re: that verducci article.

there have been a few wild card ties in the last few years. go ask the team that lost that tie-breaking game if they feel like they made the playoffs. such a ridiculous article. the playoffs are fine.

Dr. Steve said...

Well, I say platoon Brown with Ibanez because they won't get rid of Ibanez (or he'll demand a trade) but Brown is the future and needs At Bats.

ripjgarcia said...

While I was debating the definition of the platoon system I took a jaunt over to that article at Sports Illustrated's website. I think some people write things because someone above them needs a justification for that position.

GM-Carson said...

Ibanez had a brief resurrection of the bat, but he's back to not doing much of anything. Bad year from him, but that was to be suspected at 76 years old.

Blanton as a rapper is more so of the Heavy D...or Heavy B variety in my opinion.

Bob D said...

If Brown is gonna be platooned next year it will likely be with Francisco (righthanded OF). Ibanez/Vic/Brown-Francisco

If Ibanez can be moved in offseason then it will be Brown/Vic/Francisco-another RH bat.

If Werth resigns then Vic/Werth/Brown (Ibanez possibly traded or bench bat)

Why was Brown removed from lineup? Werth hitting 7th??

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Brown is a bit dinged up. Must be from striking out so much.

Victorino and Howard killing it! Killing my fantasy team too, as both are on Sir Alden's team.

SirAlden said...

Rollins .216 against Righty's
Victorino .229 against Righty's

GM-Carson said...

I love it when this team hits. They are one of the most complete teams in all of baseball when their bats are producing like they should.

Hard to believe Blanton settled in to go 6+ and possibly pick up the win, because he started horribly. Bullpen better hold this lead. Braves losing to Buccos.

SirAlden said...

Who has more RBI's for the Phillies this year Ibanez or Werth?

In fact, who is second on the team?

Raul Ibanez 69 RBI's
Jason Werth 66 RBI's

Raul is not this team's problem.
Werth is. He did not drive in a run
with runners in scoring position and two outs in over two months.

Rollins and Victorino against Righty's are.

Chase and Howard not up to their standards due to injury.

GM-Carson said...

Is this team stupid?

Utley and Werth each with retarded throws tonight. Retarded in the sense that they should have never thrown to where they did and as errant as they did.

Then Romero balks and then walks his only batter on 4 pitches.

Madson wild pitches the tying run in.

Do you want it Phillies? Do you want it?! Fucking prove it.

GM-Carson said...

Werth is stupid, it's official. Dumbass on the base paths and constantly making unnecessary throws. His stat line may look pretty, but his game is not. Watching him over the past few years it's easy to see why people get so angry with him. His head just doesn't seem in the game.

SirAlden said...

First Place Bloodstripes!

Bloodstripes said...

First friggin' place SirAlden!!!