Monday, September 20, 2010

Brave New World & Phinal Phantasy

3 game lead in the NL East. 3 games against the 2nd place Braves starting tonight in Philly. Distance is either increased, decreased, or eliminated altogether. Phils are an awesome home team (50-28) and the Braves are a poor road team (34-41). With the Big 3 going for Philadelphia a sweep is what the Phillies are gunning for. However, Atlanta is a worthy opponent and won't go away quietly.

Monday- Cole Hamels vs. Jair Jurrjens
(11-10, 3.01, 1.16) (7-6, 4.64, 1.39)
Tuesday- Roy Halladay vs. Mike Minor
(19-10, 2.49, 1.07) (3-1, 5.84, 1.43)
Wednesday- Roy Oswalt vs. Tommy Hanson
(13-13, 2.90, 1.05) (10-11, 3.62, 1.20)

*Jimmy Rollins could be in the lineup tonight, putting the Phillies at full stength.

*Hamels has pitched some of his worst games this season against the Braves but Halladay has been remarkable allowing only 1 run in 18 innings.

*Rookie Mike Minor started off hot for Atlanta, but has been very bad his last few outings (3 starts, 14 ip, 14 er). Hanson and Jurrjens have been stumbling too.

Phinal Phantasy:
WSBGMs Phantasy League 4 for baseball concluded yesterday. After a grueling 24 week schedule that saw nearly 400 player transactions it has ended and Jobu's Rum takes home the virtual trophy...sorry no cash payout. Thanks to all that participated, and remember there's always next year.

1. Jobu's Rum
2. Dick Allen Thumpers (Sir Alden)
3. Lidge Ledge Leapers (GM-Carson)
4. Harry Kalas Cialis (Corey)
5. 7 Month Halladay
6. Papelboners
7. Bumpin' Utleys
8. Old Town Browns
9. Briwiley
10. SheLikesMySizemore
11. Roman Halladay
12. Phighting Phishes
13. Werth's Beard
14. Thanks Bill Buckner
15. Westville Beagles
16. Yuengling Lagers


furiousBall said...

I want a sweep. I want the Braves to get the Mets headspace of thinking they will never get past us. I want them demoralized. I want blood.

Michael said...

Still can't believe I took the championship! Victory parade is planned for tomorrow starting at the bottom of my driveway and ending at the top. Thanks to everyone esp Corey and Carson it was a wild season and a lot of fun. Now I can stop rooting for other players and concentrate completely on the phils..and wsbgms phantasy football!

SirAlden said...


Smoked us in the Finals.

Joba makes Troy Tulowitzki's Bat UnAfraid!

Dr. Steve said...

nice choice in cover - Final Fantasy IV is one of the best and is totally underrated.

I don't think I want to rush Rollins back, especially into a big series. He's going to be cold. Let him get some practices in. I don't know, I don't think I trust Rollins that much right now. And I am a fan of Valdez's additions to this team.

SirAlden said...

Jason Werth reads WSBGM's and he followed my advice and signed with a 5% agent.

Scott Boras!

Hope he accepts a back loaded reasonable contract. The Phillies have the money going forward starting in the 2012 season. Would be nice if he signed something reasonable. But! if not let the Domonic Brown Era Begin!

"The team tried to re-sign a Boras client, Kyle Lohse, following the 2007 season. The Phillies offered as three-year deal around $21 million. Boras rejected it. Lohse ended up signing with St. Louis for a one-year deal worth $4.25 million."


JH said...

I would love a sweep but 2 of 3 ain't bad. Tonight will tell the tale of Hamels. Does he want the ball in a big game. Can he take the pressure.

Unfortunate prediction - loss tonight then 2 crushing wins to deflate the Bravos.

JH said...

Jurrens out tonight. Rookie making MLB debut instead. Oh-uh.

GM-Carson said...

Would have much rather had Jurrjens then this debuting rook. He had a sub 2 ERA in the minors this year. Phils never seem to hit a guy the first time they face him.

I agree about this being a big game for Hamels. He's been great this year, and now it's time to shutdown the biggest competitor.

Preserve Jon said...

"I've discovered that in baseball, a pitcher can only get a sign, accept the sign and throw the pitch," Hamels said.

Sounds like Ole Colbert has been hanging out with Sal Paradise and reading up on his Zen Buddhism.

Bloodstripes said...

Hamels and Lidge filthy!!!!

Top win.

Bloodstripes said...

Big gloves too

SirAlden said...

Magic Number is 8.

4 Games Up on the Braves.
6 Games Up on the Padres.
7 Games Up on the Rockies.

SirAlden said...

Old Boy Parts was great.

The 3 pitches by Lidge to Heyward were filthy!

Valdez's arm on the Double Play from Utley was unbelievable.


Aaron said...

DIE BRAVES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Hamels is confident and hungry for a World Series. His demeanor on the mound speaks volumes right now. I trust him just as much as the Roys.

Lidge's pitches had plenty of bite. It's good to know he can still get it done.

Harvey said...

Big gloves too