Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Boobs- On the Field and in the Stands

The Phillies are back in 1st place, and it's been a long damn time. The game itself was pretty ugly (is that an oxymoron?), but in the end the Phils won 8-7 and the Braves lost to our interstate buddies the Pirates. A half game lead never felt so good.

The Good: Victorino going deep and swiping a bag. Ibanez's near cycle, fell a double short. Polly's go-ahead single in the bottom of the 8th. Howard and J-Roll going a combined 4-7 with 4 runs scored and 3 rbi. Werth being originally benched.

The Bad: Werth being inserted into the lineup due to a Dom Brown sore quad and making a retarded unnecessary throw that scored a run for the Marlins. Utley's stupid throw to home with no shot at getting the runner, and the ball sailed about a Randy Johnson above Chooch anyway. Romero balking then walking his only batter on 4 pitches. Ryan Madson wild pitching the tying run in. They played like boobs.

Speaking of boobs...


SirAlden said...

Pat Gillick gave Jason Werth a shot to redeem and resurrect his Career
that had be derailed buy a wrist injury.

A Late Bloomer, planted and Nurtured in forgiving soil he grew as a player.

He did not grow into 100 Million Dollars of Player. He could still.

This year with all the other Phillies Hitting woes, he has been pitched around. He needed to learn the next level and adjust. He was not able to over the last 90 games.

Go compare his walks to Howards, you will be shocked. But still Werth
had left so many Ducks on the Pond
the Pond is overflowing with DuckShit.

Now he is flirting with getting a new Agent.

We loved the Beard, we loved his beautiful Mom.

He could be a great part of a team. Not "the man" but the team player who puts a team first and takes them over the top.

I hope Jason knows that we loved watching him flourish, but now it is time to bat better than 7th. He can come out of it. Hope he does.

For his Mom.

Aaron said...

It's great to be back in phirst.....but god damn they have got to stop throwing the ball around in the outfield and stop making stupid baseball running mistakes.

Dr. Steve said...

Great post Alden. I too am down on Jason Werth's chances to be the player he showed he could be in 08 and partially in 09. I am of the belief that, if we spend money, we could find a better player than Jason Werth in the offseason, and that it'd be okay to let him go.

Dr. Steve said...

Speaking of players, the Phillies probably should try and grab some players off the annual Marlins firesale. They're an impressive ballclub.

I really wouldn't mind getting their hitting coach.

Bob D said...

Gotta love those Pirates! Go Duke shut down those Braves tonight.

Ok some bad plays including Howard's backhanded double pump throw to Blanton that showed up the same time as the runner. Blanton charged with the error but it was Howard's delaying the throw which messed it up.

Bullpen quite shaky Contreras and Romero allowed runners and runs to score that didn't need to and Madson's only goof was the wild pitch.

I'll bet Charlie leaves Hamels in as long as possible tonight. Madson is over used, Durbin has had a couple of shaky outings lately, Contreras other than last night has been good, and Romero has been a bit wild all year long. That with Lidge being sore means the team needs to score a bunch of runs.

I like the new lineup-give it another day that way.

Preserve Jon said...

Phils in first and all is right with the world.

With Hamels toeing the rubber, the team looking forward to their first off day after 24 games in 23 days and celebrating their return to the head of the division, tonight has let down written all over it.

That doesn't mean I won't be listening...

SirAlden said...

"Oh Yea of little Faith - Preserve Jon!"

You must have grown up rooting for the Phillies in the '90s.

Preserve Jon said...

Ding ding ding! Started following as a tike in the mid-80s.

GM-Carson said...

Preserve John- the pessimist in me is thinking letdown tonight too. Cole should pitch well though, and who knows maybe the bats will give him something to work with.

ripjgarcia said...

You kids.. I have a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine articles from the 1980 World Series.

Preserve Jon said...

I believe in girl parts!

(I couldn't help myself)

Andrew said...

1st place. Just the way it should be as we ring in the Jewish New Year! Here's to the 5771 WFC!

GM-Carson said...

I like Ol' Girl Parts. Like it or not, that's his nickname around these parts (pun intended).

Dr. Steve said...

I see Cole Hamels's wife quite often and she... she has some girl parts.