Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Larry Andersen Should Be (And Isn't) On TV

[Hat tip to Preserve Jon for the audio link]


Matty said...

Yeah, I heard the comments earlier. LA nailed it. That's what I like about him. He's not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. It's about time that someone spoke up and said publicly what needed to be said. Maybe his tirade will be a catalyst for accountability in umpiring.

GM-Carson said...

I love LA, especially when he's hungover. He says it like it is, that's why I wish he was on TV instead of the slob-knobbing cast they have.

furiousBall said...

If LA was on TV, I would never ever miss a game even if the Phils have to go through a rebuilding process

Bob D said...

I watched that midnight debalical happen last night and here was my thoughts at that time (posted on yesterdays feed):
Then I had to watch that @#$#$ umpire. I have this to say about it. Howard made a check swing early in the atbat and was called a strike which was correct. Howard put his hands on his hips - what does the ump do? He puts his hands on his hips and stares at Howard. That is something that an ump should not do. I'm sure that pissed off Howard there, but at that point the ump would like to toss him.

Howard told the home plate ump (reading lips) that he was mad at himself. But the ump just stood there for over a minute with hands on hips staring him down - very unprofessional.

Then with 2 strikes he check swings and his wrists never broke and the bat did not cross the plate. The appeal went to that ump and of course he calls it a strike. THE UMP WAS WRONG ON THE CALL.
Howard flipped the bat and said something and the ump waited no more than 2 seconds from the call to throw him out of the game. NOW HE IS WRONG FOR TOSSING HIM! aND HE IS WRONG FOR GIVING HIM NO CHANCE TO WALK AWAY! That was one of the quickest ejections I have ever seen.
The ump had an arrogant look the whole time on his face and pretty much baited Howard and his anger. Yeah acting ad looking like that will anger almost anyone.
The ump affected the game in a negative way. In an indirect way an extra run scored in the 16th when Ibanez failed to catch a potential double play throw, Oswalt batted with 2 runners on base to end the game. The pitcher pitched around Utley to ace Oswalt.

The curses and insults to the ump I could hear on the TV. They rode him the rest of the game.

He was unprofessional in his actions (hands on hips & ejection).

GM-Carson said...

The ump was ridiculous, and should be reprimanded. However, the ump did not make Howard go 0-7 with 5 k's. That's a disgrace. Scoring 2 lousy runs in 16 innings off of a shit Astros staff is pitiful. This offense disgusts me.

Preserve Jon said...

Gotta admit it was refreshing to watch Howard go all George Brett out there last night. At times I think that's the one thing this team has been missing over the last few years. Seriously, when's the last time the Phils brawled?

Better to express your frustrations than fold your tail between your legs and hang-dog-it back to the dugout.

I think Howard get's off the snide tonight. Of course, I can also see Charlie giving him the night off.

Had the umpire been watching the game, he would have realized that Howard was 0 for 7 with 5 Ks. Know the situation.

GM-Carson said...

LA makes a good point about the homeplate umpire putting his hands on Howard. Players can't even nudge an umpire with their cap, so why the hell should an ump be able to put his hands on a player?

ripjgarcia said...

Not surprised Charlie sits Howard tonight. One, he's in a funk, and two Scott Barry is a little to close to first being the second base umpire.

Jeremy said...

How the F do you get picked off 3rd base!? This team is playing lunch a bunch of shit lickers right now.

Jeremy said...

Fransico, another CS

ACSmitty79 said...

This team truly fcking sucks. No excuse. Our 120th game scoring 2 runs or less.

SirAlden said...

I listen to Larry every night.

Braves Lost
Giants Lost
Cards Losing

Phillies Lost.

This is getting ridiculous.

das411 said...

Welllll we could remember the one highlight of the dark years instead, 8.25.95:

and for a very Jeff Juden-centric recollection of that game:

GM-Carson said...

This team is playing complacent and stupid. Screw them.

Anonymous said...

Larry should be on TV. And it's "Andersen".