Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roy Halladay Cy Young Runner-Up

Who should be the National League's 2010 Cy Young? Sadly, Adam Wainwright. Most people that aren't Cardinals or Phillies fans would probably scream Ubaldo Jimenez, but he's 3rd, maybe 4th in the balloting if everything is accounted for fairly, because Tim Hudson is having a helluva year too along with Roy Halladay of course.

Let's take a look at the big 4's NL ranks...

1t. Adam Wainwright- 17
1t. Ubaldo Jimenez- 17
3. Roy Halladay- 15
4. Tim Hudson- 14

1. Roy Halladay- 175
3. Adam Wainwright- 158
10. Ubaldo Jimenez- 143
43. Tim Hudson- 89


1. Roy Halladay- 193
3. Adam Wainwright- 176.1
5. Tim Hudson- 164.2
14. Ubaldo Jimenez- 155.1

1. Adam Wainwright- 1.99
2. Tim Hudson- 2.13
3. Roy Halladay- 2.24
6. Ubaldo Jimenez- 2.55

1. Adam Wainwright- 0.97
3. Roy Halladay- 1.01
6. Tim Hudson- 1.07
7. Ubaldo Jimenez- 1.11

Complete Games:
1. Roy Halladay- 8 (3 shutouts)
2. Adam Wainwright- 5 (2 shutouts)
3. Ubaldo Jimenez- 3 (2 shutouts)
12t. Tim Hudson- 1

Quality Starts:
1. Adam Wainwright- 21
2t. Tim Hudson- 20
5. Roy Halladay- 19
6. Ubaldo Jimenez- 18

If you exclude other possible candidates such as Mat Latos and Josh Johnson and focus solely on these 4 assigning a point value for rank among themselves as followed 4 points - 1st, 3 points - 2nd, 2 points - 3rd, 1 point- 4th then the Cy Young balloting would read as such 1st- Adam Wainwright, 2nd- Roy Halladay, 3rd- Tim Hudson, 4th- Ubaldo Jimenez. With roughly 6 weeks yet to be played in the season and an estimated 8-9 starts per pitcher in that time frame a lot can change. Hopefully Halladay stays in beast mode and continues ripping through the competition and flip-flops with Wainwright to take the coveted award.


Andrew said...

Its going to be a nailbiter. My fantasy team that houses both Halladay and Wainwright is feeling pretty good, though. I would, however, ignore wins in the Cy Young conversation. I think more and more voters are doing that.

On a sidenote, how about Pat the Bat lately? I miss that dude. He is definitely machine.

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell seems made for the NL. Stank for 1.5 years in Tampa, but as soon as he came to San Fran started belting the ball again.

You can't ignore wins completely. For example, Josh Johnson only has 10. Not his fault, but still it excludes him from the hunt because it's too far behind the league leader.

Andrew said...

10 wins maybe. But a 2.27 ERA, 8.8 K/9, 1.06 WHIP. I argue that wins are near meaningless and should basically be used as a tie-breaker.

Anonymous said...


GM-Carson said...

I'm not saying Josh Johnson isn't worthy of consideration, but based on precedent of past votes, he'll need a lot more victories to be considered with those other 4 I covered in the post.