Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rod And The Phillie Killers

Rod Barajas – OPS greater than 1.100; destroyed Brett Myers' arm
Brian Schneider – 1/6 of career home runs against the Phillies
Brad Wilkerson – OPS of .920 and 13 career home runs
Mark Lemke - .332 average
Matt Diaz - .326 average and 30 RBI

I'm sure there are more (and worse) Phillie killers out there. Feel free to let me know who I should have included in the comment section.


dodgerbobble said...

My Dodgers are out of the playoff race. Roy Halliday is the main pitcher on my fantasy team. The ONE time I cheer for the Phillies(I don't think that will ever happen again) and Halliday, Hiroki Kuroda looks like freakin' Sandy Koufax and Rod Barajas turns into Mike Piazza. UGH.

Why can't this Phillies offense score runs for Halliday? It's killing me!

sean7711 said...

Martin Prado - .329 BA, 7 of 29 career HRs against us
Larry Jones - a noted Philly killer, but nonetheless deserves our attention, .337 BA, 1.063 OPS in 216 games (!)
Todd Helton - .377 BA, 1.135 OPS. If not for a decline in the last few years, I believe as close as 2 years ago he was an even .400 hitter against us.
Tim Redding - 14 gs 3.10 era, 1.10 whip. Lifetime numbers 4.95 era, 1.49 whip
Miguel Olivo - .328 BA, 8 hrs 20 rbi in 36 games

Honorable mentions:
Any "sneaky" japanese/korean player
Juan Pierre

Chas said...

Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee

SirAlden said...

Joe Carter

"Joe Carter joined Bill Mazeroski as the only two players to win a World Series with a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning of the deciding game."

GM-Carson said...

Andre Either. I think he's batting better than 1.000 against us, if that's possible.

SirAlden said...

Interesting Spreadsheet from Cot's


Really shows how the Phillies are Primed for this year and next. In 2012, 2013, 2014 the committed
salaries go way down to 89M, 57M, 25Million from 144+ Million.

Next year the Starting Rotation is all set except for Kyle Kendrick's Year 1 Arbitration.

Next the starting 8 Hitters (with no Jason Werth (unless he signs a reasonable back loaded contract which is unlikely) is all set except for Domonic Brown who will earn about $400K

Next year the Relief Pen has Lidge, Madson, Baez. 3 out of 7 signed so 4 more arms needed with their costs.

Next year the Bench has Schneider, Gload, with 3 to go (Franciso for Arb1).

So when you stay up to watch tonight's game, while listening to Larry Anderson on Audio, you are looking at the 2011 Philadephia Phillies minus Werth.

144Million +

Kyle Hendrick Arb 1
Domonic Brown at $400K
Bullpen arm 4
Bullpen arm 5
Bullpen arm 6
Bullpen arm 7
Bench 3
Bench 4
Bench 5 (9 total players)

If they all averaged 500K it would be 4.5M if averaging 1M it will be 9M

144 + 4.5M = 149M
144 + 9M - 151M

Everything will be happening around the edges, unless someone is traded away, which is unlikely (noone is taking Raul off our hands).

The good new for 2012-14 lots of room in the budget.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Noted Phillie Killers (when they where here):

David Bell
Wes Helms
Travis Lee

GM-Carson said...

David "Fairy Feet" Bell, Travisty Lee, and Wes "Huge head, no production" Helms. Nice list.

Aaron said...

Mackey Sasser owned the Phils back in the day.

Chooooooch owns Broxton today!!!

Preserve Jon said...

I seem to remember ole piss-on-hands Moises Alou used to kill the Phils. But baseball reference says hit better against the Reds. Bonds had 64 HR against the Phils in 230 games (2nd most against any opponent, other than the Padres). Of course, those were the days when everyone was killing Phillies Pitching.

Preserve Jon said...

Oh, and one more thing...

It's September!!!!!!!!!!

Let's go boys. Time to track down those Bravos.

GM-Carson said...

Why is Raul Ibanez starting against Kershaw? This is a day game after a night game against a tough lefty, Ben Francisco should be in LF.

SirAlden said...

Bench 3 is Schneider C, With Gload and Francisco
Bench 4
Bench 5 (8 total players)

If they all averaged 500K it would be 4M if averaging 1M it will be 8M

144 + 4M = 148M
144 + 9M - 153M

ripjgarcia said...

I love how MLB.com has the article "Oswalt flirts with no-no" Dude had 109 pitches after the sixth inning.. Wasn't happening anyway

Bob D said...

Too many walks = too many pitches
Could have been a group effort on the no-no but that is all.
Utley with 3 doubles and the rest of the team seems to be finding their swings
Let's see if they can keep it up

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