Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In Depth Miami/Philly Series Preview

Venue:Joe Robbie Sun Life Stadium
Bad Guys: Florida Marlins 53-52, 3rd Place
Good Guys: Philadelphia Phillies 57-48, 2nd Place

Game 1: Sean West vs. Roy Halladay
(2010 debut) (12-8, 2.21/1.02)
Reason the Fish Win: Likely no Ibanez and definitely no Utley, Victorino, or Howard. Yeah, that's a bad lineup. The 6'8" West makes short work of the Phils mangled mix of misfits.
Reason the Phils Win: Halladay wants to pitch a 2nd no-hitter this season, and what better place than where he did it earlier this season. Yep, you heard it here first, Doc with another no-no.

Game 2:
Anibal Sanchez vs. Kyle Kendrick
(8-6, 3.33/1.35) (6-4, 4.44/1.29)
Reason the Fish Win: Anibal the Cannibal eats through lineups and the Phillies bench infused lineup looks mighty tasty.
Reason the Phils Win: KK pitches to contact, good thing he's not a strikeout pitcher or his nickname might be an inadvertently racist KK-K. Anyway, KK looks to build upon his last 2 quality starts that he's had since his brief demotion to Lehigh Valley (13.1 ip, 2 r).

Game 3: Chris Volstad vs. Roy Oswalt
(5-8, 4.71/1.41) (6-13, 3.53/1.13)
Reason the Fish Win: Brad Lidge blows the save and the game, riots ensue in the streets of Philadelphia. Somewhere Bruce Springsteen cries, likely in a posh mansion in Dirty Jersey.
Reason the Phils Win: Roy-2 has never had a losing record in his illustrious career and with only about 10 starts left, there's not much time to make up the 7 win deficit.


Preserve Jon said...

Nice post GMs! Uh oh. Howard sent home.

GM-Carson said...

Zolecki seems to think Howard is DL bound.

Gload likely takes most of the time at 1st in his absence. I just pray it's not Dobbs. Dobbs should be released. He's just horrible.

Preserve Jon said...

Under Uncle Milty facing an unknown pitcher meant the bats went to sleep for the game. I wonder if GG can conjure up a different approach from the Phils' bats.

Bob D said...

If Howard hits the DL, the team can bring anyone up since Dobbs, Gload, and Ransom can all play 1st. So we are not stuck with just Andy Tracy (not a bad choice) but it could be Mayberry or Bastardo or even Matt Rizzotti and his 369 batting average in AA. Hmmmmm

I sense an Amaro resigning of Juan Castro coming?

GM-Carson said...

Howard on crutches. Could be 4 days or could be 7, or 10, or more. No timetable for return nor DL instated yet.

Andrew said...

Howard DL. Mayberry up. And then there were 2 (Ibanez and Werth only 2 in starting 9 not on DL)

ripjgarcia said...

Another base-running gem.

GM-Carson said...

What the hell was Valdez doing?

There goes the perfect game and the shutout.

家唐銘 said...


GM-Carson said...

Roy Halladay for Cy Young. Seriously.

Bob D said...

Love how Halladay decides to hit in 2 runners himself since the offense usually get him runs.

Preserve Jon said...

It's a shame we're down to a barebones roster, because after these next two in FLA, 16 of 19 are at the Bank.