Monday, August 30, 2010

Onward & Upward- LA Bound

Haven't we seen enough of the LA Dodgers over the past few seasons? Who cares, Phils beat them when it matters...sorry Bowa! One positive, no Manny this series, Mr. Fertility Drug is now with the White Sox. Andre "I absolutely slaughter Phillies pitching, makeout with all their wives/girlfriends, and have a voodoo doll of Charlie Manuel" Either will be in the lineup though. Whatever, screw LA. Doc Halladay gets the ball tonight in the opener and he's full of bullets having only thrown 73 pitches last start. He's ripe for a complete game shutout. All this bitching about the offense can cease as soon as the bats getting collectively going, and what better time than against a Joe Torre lead team?

If there are any Phils fans making a trip to Los Angeles for the series, don't forget to stop by one of those fancy-smancy lingerie boutiques on Rodeo Drive (that's Row-Day-Oh) and get something sexy for the misses.


Matty said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Why? Because they tend to play to the level of their opponents. Swept by the Astros, and swept the Padres.

ripjgarcia said...

I think the Greg Gross pink cloud has gone away and this lineup has returned to it's old habits.

Dr. Steve said...

Unfortunately Matty the Dodgers played terribly. So the Phillies had to play even worse.

GM-Carson said...

This offense is the worst I remember. I hate watching this team suck with the bats. No excuse.

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