Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greg Dobbs Hate Piece

There are a few rules that Carson and I like to follow when developing posts. I won’t divulge all of our creative secrets, but here are two that seem to have resonated with at least a few readers:

1) If a dead horse is available, beat it. (see: three days of Andy Martino.)
2) When things are going good, focus on the negative. (see: almost every post in the last three years.)

So, to continue the trend, I’m going to ignore the winning or the recent brilliance of Ol’ Girl Parts and instead bring you – the pinch-hitting statistics of Greg Dobbs.

Seriously, this is getting to be some bullshit. I can’t take watching this guy another game. Sideburns be damned. 2008 be damned. Dobbs gotta go, son. Of course, he probably shouldn’t be here now based on 2009. Check out this little chart from fangraphs.com:

So for every pinch-hitter who got at least 40 at-bats in 2009, Dobbs had far and away the worst OPS. (Although, the worst management decision might have been giving Greg Norton 89 PH at-bats. Wow.) And this year, Dobbs is currently 3-38 (.078). Yet he still is on the roster making out after out.

Hell, Cody Ransom was 1-5 as a pinch hitter and he’s horrible. But at this point, maybe we can’t compare Dobbs to other hitters. Maybe the starting rotation is a more apt comparison.

Halladay – 9-67 (.134)
Oswalt - 4-32 (.125)
Hamels – 7-47 (.149)
Blanton – 5-39 (.128)
Kendrick – 4-35 (.114)

Oh no. Even the pitchers look like they could do just as good of a job as Dobbs.


GM-Carson said...

Everyone that we want run outta town eventual gets the boots. No-Hit Nunez, David Bell, Eric Bruntlett, Adam Eaton, Gavin Floyd, Rod Barajas, and now hopefully Greg Dobbs.

Dr. Steve said...

David Bell had his contract expire. Man... I really hated those days.

The trio of Milwood, Thome, and Bell. Whoever was running the Phillies back then had no idea what he was doing. Good thing no other team hired him as a GM, right?

SirAlden said...

The Phillies are currently carrying 13 Pitchers and 12 Hitter, which is Hyper Rare in MLB.

When Victorino comes back from the DL,
will they release or fake DL - Baez, Romero, or Herndon?

Or go with a short bench and send down Dobbs or Dom Browm?

GM-Carson said...

When Vic returns you send Brown down to finish out the minor league season, then call him up when Lehigh Valley is done in early September.

13 pitchers and 12 bats is stupid in the NL where pinch hitting is a major impact.

Dr. Steve- Bell was traded to Milwaukee.

Corey said...

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Reverend Paul Revere said...

Thank you for this. Thank you so very much.

Matty said...

Where is the hitting coach? Dobbs either strikes out, or pops up to third. His back shoulder drops on every swing.

Bricktown Bargains said...

Not to mention I NEVER liked Dobb's defense either! Good info guys!

GM-Carson said...

Dobbs only value is in his bat, and since his bat stopped producing after 2008, he's become utterly worthless. This is why carrying 13 pitchers is stupid. That leaves a short bench, and then throw in the fact one of the bench players is Dobbs who can hit anyway. C'mon Rube, go get some cheapo off of the waiver wire!

GM-Carson said...

When the hell did Padilla turn into an actual pitcher instead of thrower? He's decent.

This game is a total dud.

SirAlden said...

Bastardo has the best name for a reliever in all Baseball, he was pitching lights out in AAA, hope
he develops.

All his sliders were high in the zone.

I know a long reliever is a long reliever - but I just do not see
what the Phillies see in Herndon now.
If they kept him on the roster this long I guess they are in for a penny in for a pound, if he has future value.

I have a question, after you Rule 5 a player for a year, can you then
normally assign him to AAA next year?
Maybe not if he has no options left after 4-5 years in the Minors.

SirAlden said...

Baez had a sneeky good WHIP last year, and looked like he was on the way back. I supported the 2 years,
because other teams were offering it to him at the time.



SirAlden said...

J.C. We love you. From 2008. Thanks for that September. Thanks for staring down MLB with your secret meetings no one knew about and taking it for the team with your Supplement Suspension that you put off until the Spring of 2009.

2 run homer in the 9th.

Bastardo - Herndon - Baez - Romero

Make a move Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

The Phillie bullpen is just bad. When Madson and Lidge are not performing, it's the worst in baseball.

Baez, Romero, and Herndon are not good. Romero cannot find the strike zone. Baez and Herndon give up tons of hits. They need another good arm or two in there if they want to make the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, Sir Alden- yes, a Rule 5 can be sent to the minors after the mandatory 1 year in the majors.

Preserve Jon said...

Well that was a turd sandwich. Oh, and I agree with SirAlden, kindly give Baez the Dobbs treatment.