Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Good & Bad of Last Night

The Good:
*Chad Durbin continues to be the bullpen MVP, striking out the only 2 batters he faced.

*Raul Ibanez extended his hitting streak to 17 games.

*Greg Dobbs actually got a pinch hit single and is now 4-39 in that role. (See how we celebrate the negative?)

*Ross Gload has been terrific since Ryan Howard went down. His 2 homerun/4 rbi night puts him at .316/.435/.632 with 6 r, 2 hr, and 7 rbi in Howard's absence.

*Domonic Brown showed some potential last night, albeit not in the outfield, but at the plate hitting his first MLB homerun and collecting his second double. About his defense, aside from his arm, I've been very underwhelmed.

*Victorino went 1-2 in his first rehab game with the Iron Pigs.

The Bad:
*Danys Baez is a waste of roster space and resources, giving up 2 more runs in the Dodgers route of the Phillies. Signing him to a multi-million dollar 2 year deal is an unforgivable mistake. He hasn't had an ERA lower that 4 since 2005, yet Amaro felt confident in his late inning abilities. Puzzling to say the least.

*Antonio Bastardo has been great in the minors (2.43 ERA), but that success has not translated into anything good at the MLB level (6.14 ERA). We need him, because JC Romero looks shot...

*JC Romero's last 3 appearances- .1 ip, 3 h, 5 r, 2 hr, 3 bb. Yeah, that's bad.

*What the hell was up with the regularly sure-handed J-Roll's fielding last night?

*Kyle Kendrick dropped one of his stink bombs, which is bound to happen to him. He had been pitching very well, but these short, bad outings will come from time to time.

*David Herndon has allowed 52 hits in 37.1 innings. The opposition is batting .342 against him with an unflattering .842 OPS. What do the Phillies see in him that they've committed an active roster spot to him all season long?

Strikeout righties face-off, Roy Oswalt vs. Chad Billingsley. Roy-2 makes his Philly debut, and they certainly need him to perform like Oswalt of old after last night's turd sandwich.


SirAlden said...

2 Guys in the Bullpen need to go on the DL quick. Trip down some concrete steps. Kick something - break a toe for the team!

We need to stick with Bastardo for a week give him work - Cholly tends not to let Rookies have the ball. If he pans out great if not then send him back down.

Finally, we need to give up someone decent from the low minors and pick up a decent relief arm from Toronto
who has passed waivers.

OH! I forgot. Eyre wants the ball back sign him right now - he said he needs three weeks in the Minors. Sign him and call Pedro one more time with real money too.

GM-Carson said...

If Eyre signs now and the Phils call him up by August 31st, he'd be eligible for the playoff roster.

Pedro in relief would be interesting, but it's not gonna happen.

Scott Downs of Toronto would look great in Phils pinstripes.

SirAlden said...

David Herndon (3 – Rule 5 pickup – not eligible to be optioned in 2010)

Has 3 options left if he is kept through the end of the Sept. Does not need to be kept on Post Season Roster.

Hope he is assigned to Reading next year and fulfills his promise for 2012.

SirAlden said...

Pedro for Blanton or Kendrick or Relief if a W is at stake.

GM-Carson said...

The Howard list was getting too lengthy so we kept only players with multiple Howards at the top right sidebar as a leaderboard. The full standings are at the bottom of the right sidebar now.

Bob D said...

Scott Downs that will work.

What this team needs now is a Howard and it gaurantees a victory for the Phils

Beer-a-Thon said...

I'm still waiting for the 1st Howard from a NL pitcher. That will be noteworthy.

Dom Brown with a Howard would be nice.

By the way, this foreign dude needs a f'n translator!

GM-Carson said...

C'mon Jimmy, get the f'n runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs. Valdez leadoff triple gonna be wasted. Bullshit wasted opportunities kill ya.

GM-Carson said...

Son of a bitch, there goes Gload.

The amount of injuries this season has been laughable. It's hard to believe they're still in this race.

Bloodstripes said...

Gload was cookin' too. F'n BS!!!

Bloodstripes said...

Oswalt could have thrown a lamb chop past a wolf tonight. Awesome outing.

Bloodstripes said...

Madson and Lidge nailing it down 08 style!