Friday, August 20, 2010

Cliff Lee Brought Phillies Cocaine?

Remember those awesome prospects Ruben Amaro Jr. so highly coveted from the Seattle Mariners farm system that he promptly shipped ace Cliff Lee across country? The 3 young men haven't done anything worth two pinches of poop since joining the Phillies minors. Phillippe Aumont has a 3-9 record with 5.64 ERA in the low minors while walking nearly as many as he strikes out. JC Ramirez, 7-6, 4.65 ERA, hardly can't miss. Then there's Tyson Gillies, the deaf one. Well, he's been injured most the year, but apparently that has not stopped him from trying to snort the baseline...literally. Dude was caught with cocaine and arrested. I thought the nose candy went out with Steve Howe and Darryl Strawberry, but it's made a comeback now with Rangers manager Ron Washington and Tyson Gillies. Just say no to drugs!!! Hard to believe Cliff Lee inadvertently brought cocaine to Philly huh?

Meanwhile there's a new series starting tonight in South Philly between the Phightins and the Gnats. Match-up: Roy Halladay and his minuscule ERA (2.24) versus Jason Marquis and his outrageously gargantuan one (14.33). Yeah, if the Phils don't lock this one down there's something majorly wrong.


SirAlden said...

Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies, one of the three players acquired in the Cliff Lee trade this past off-season, was arrested for cocaine possession in Clearwater, Fla., early Friday morning.

Gillies, 21, was arrested by Pinellas County Sheriff's Officers at 1:48 a.m. Friday morning, according to a spokeswoman. The possession charge is a felony.

SirAlden said...

Hope he comes out of it. Liked the guy. No wonder he ran soooooo fast.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- I'm sorry for pissing you off earlier buddy. The Hamels hazing was only a joke. I like Hamels, he's a damn fine pitcher. Can we get back to being BFF's?


GM-Carson said...

He is deaf, maybe the pimple-faced kid at the grocery store duped him into thinking he was buying pure cane sugar...just thinking of excuses.

GM-Carson said...

Almost Phucco Ronny Paulino has been suspended 50 games. Dumbass.

SirAlden said...

Dear GM-Carson and Corey,

You are the sun I wake up to in the morning and the moon at night - I go to your blog as the first, last, and best place that is all things Phillies.

It is ok, if we like a type of player for their grit or outlooks we admire. I love Dick Allen who was a victim of early racism in the sport, Larry Bowa, and crazy Jay Johnstone.
I even love Clay Dalrymple.

Every day on the ballyard I played 3B to be like Mike Schmidt.

Both of us are not tall Cali boys who married 5th rate celeb golddiggers like Cole and Kyle.

But Cole loves her. Every photo of him with her within 10 feet of him shows the most devoted pussy love of all. Each photo makes me want to upchuck. The photo they took to get the free condo atop the downtown tower with him smiling his baby in her tummy while she wears 50 pounds of make-up is one of the worst media images I have ever seen.

So you are right 100% Carson. He is a pussy, a puppy, a lap dog. But he loves her and is so blind he does not see what a pussy it makes him look like. (Please post that Pic for all of us, in a post - I can find it if you don't have it).

But he loves her. Harry the K had girlfriends all over baseball for many years and cheated on his wife.
To us that is more manly, but really was not ok. It did not negatively impact the town's love for him, because it was a manly foible.

Cole Hamels is a pussy in the photos of him as he adores his wife.

On the field Cole Hamels was the World Series MVP and is had terrible run support this year, and terrible batting average of balls in play last year. He is learning his craft from Halladay and from Moyers before Roy1 arrived. He is bringing it in, and dialing it up to 95 mph.

On the field he is one of the Greatest Phillies Pitchers ever, and will be ever more so as the years go by. I wonder if Lee or Halladay or Oswalt would have even wanted to come to the Phillies if Hamels had not had his MVP turn.

If you or I were Cole we would be Pat Burrelling (a VERB!) with all the beautiful California Gurls.

Let's agree. Off the field he is a pussy. On the field he is a Stud.

Aaron said...

Ok the cubs are pissing me off. First they stink, but still managed to beat our asses in Chicago. Then they play a shitty series against the giants. Then they trade Lee to the Braves. Then they blow a 9th inning lead to the braves today.
F,ing Cubs.

Bob D said...

I love this site! I usually check in each day several times and the last 2 have been just pure entertainment.

Bob D said...

I say that after reading the last 2 days of comments and laughing my arse off

GM-Carson said...

Pussy is such a harsh word, lets go with vagina.

ripjgarcia said...

Methinks SirAlden should write his own blog based on that touching, poetic like blubber.

GM-Carson said...

By the way, Cole's love for his wife is not pussy in my eyes, nor is cheating on your wife manly in my eyes for that matter. His voice, his doggy in the backpack, his whining to the press last year, and his sulking on the mound lead me to calling him a vagina. This year, he's been better in those regards though, especially mound presence. And I know he can't help his voice.