Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Burrell Returns & San Fran Series Preview

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Pat Burrell.
Pat Burrell who?
Pat "The Bat" Burrell bitches!

It seems Pat Burrell is made for the NL despite the fact that he's slow and defensively inept. Wait, wouldn't it make more sense for him to be a DH in the AL? Apparently not, because that experiment went terribly wrong with the Tampa Bay Rays (2 years, .218/.672). Now that Burrell is back in the National League where he spent the first 9 years of his career with the Phillies his numbers are back on the rise. In 56 games with San Francisco he has hit .285/.905 with 10 homeruns and 30 rbi. The Giants and Phillies are tied for the NL Wild Card lead and old buddy Pat Burrell has had a lot to do with that. Here's to hoping he ass-scoots backward on inside sliders and k's continuously the entire series like we remember him doing from time-to-time here in Philly rather than big pimpin' and knocking shots over Ibanez's head.

Pitching Match-Ups:

Game 1- Barry Zito vs. Roy Oswalt
(8-6, 3.44/1.24) vs. (7-13, 3.34/1.12)
Game 2- Matt Cain vs. Joe Blanton
(9-9, 3.11/1.15) vs. (4-6, 5.69/1.47)
Game 3- Jonathan Sanchez vs. Cole Hamels
(8-8, 3.60/1.32) vs. (7-9, 3.33/1.23)

Big Deals:
San Fran- Aubrey Huff (.295/.911) has been their offensive catalyst this season. And with Andres Torres (.288/.867), Pat Burrell (.285/.901), and the hot hitting rookie Buster Posey (.337/.902) surrounding him the Giants offense isn't a joke anymore.

Philly- both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard might be activated from the DL during this series and inserting them into the lineup would be the most pleasurable insertion manager Charlie Manuel has had in a long time...apologies to his fiance Melissa Martin.


Preserve Jon said...

I've convened a committee to determine whether or not the dead horse is, in fact, actually dead.


Oh, and I'm looking forward to a night with three significant returns to CBP.

GM-Carson said...

Great article on how a naked Pat Burrell saved Aubrey Huff back-in-the-day.

GM-Carson said...

Pat Burrell is a legend in Philly because of his play, but most notably his night life. The dude took every thing fans threw at him and did nothing but appreciate the city, the fan base, and the organization. I love Pat Burrell, always have and always will. Doesn't mean I haven't been pissed at him before, and will curse him out should he gets some big hits this series, but the man is and forever will be awesome in my book.

GM-Carson said...

WSBGMs Yahoo! Fantasy Football

If you want in:
id: 357234
pass: phillies

Would like 4-6 more teams.

GM-Carson said...

Utley activated from DL, Dobbs designated for assignment. Howard still a few days away.

Kyle J. Kubica said...

Pat was first and foremost a class act. Here's to hoping that he recieves at least an initial standing ovation for his role on our world championship squad. After that, all applause should be reserved for his K's, which should be plentiful.

Kyle Kubica www.theflagrantfoulmouth.blogspot.com

SirAlden said...

Pretty Nice Bench when Brown goes down when Howard Returns.

Gload L 1B-OF
Schneider L C
Francisco R OF
Sweeney R 1B
Valdez R SS-2B

GM-Carson said...

Burrell with the bomb, but the Phils with the win. I can live with that.

Preserve Jon said...

The dude with the big dome can straight rake. .325!

Man doesn't get enough credit.

Anonymous said...