Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bring Out the Crazies

The Philadelphia Phillies's honor a Player of the Week each week during their telecasts and this past week they have bestowed that honor upon the Phans that have packed Citizens Bank Ball Park for 100+ straight sellouts. Today will be yet another full house (minus Bob Saget, but heard the Olsen Twins might be there to see there cousin who is starting for the Gnats). One thing is fur sure, Phillies fans are passionate and crazy (me being one of them).

Match-Up: Roy Oswalt and Scott Olsen go in the rubber match. Phils need to put some runs on the board, as their 2 runs in 2 games is completely pathetic off of this Nationals' staff. Yesterday nothing was lost (Braves and Giants lost), but that also means nothing was gained.


GM-Carson said...

Nyjer Morgan is like Juan Pierre Jr...f'n annoying!

ripjgarcia said...

What's with Ross Gload being DL'd for an injury that occured weeks ago.

Bob D said...

Nyjer Morgan has more ability to get hits other than infield. He can also hit for a bit of power. But still annoying.

They wanted to have a lefthanded first baseman yesterday vs Strasburg and Gload was unable to start, so they activated Howard a day earlier and DL'd Gload. It does keep Brown active thru Sept 1 - thus making him playoff eligible. This is good as the team can drop Herndon off the postseason roster and have the extra bat on the bench. The bench would likely be: Gload, Sweeney, Francisco, Brown, Valdez, Schneider. This is a strong bunch here which provides power and speed both on the bench. If they could just get another pitcher to replace Baez in the pen then the team would be set.

GM-Carson said...

In the playoffs you don't need a 12 man pitching staff, so dropping to 11 and adding an extra bat makes plenty of sense.

Good outing by Roy2 today.