Friday, August 13, 2010

Time To Change The Billboard


SirAlden said...


Pay him more.

GM-Carson said...

Chooch is awesome. He always hit in the minors and now is displaying that same aptitude in the majors. His defense remains stellar.

Shame Ibanez lost his hitting streak last night, but I'm sure he's okay with that because of the amazing come from behind victory.

Can't wait to read Martino's take on the weekend series with the Muts coming up.

Bloodstripes said...

Awesome graphic.

Chooch is KING

8008 WFC's said...

This guy documented his viewing of last night's walkoff. Awesome commentary!

ripjgarcia said...

Really gotta admire Hamels for going out and pitching exceedingly well even though he knows his teammates will not score for him.

Corey said...

dickey just pwned the phils.

GM-Carson said...

In the words of the immortal Harry Doyle from Major League- "One hit, one god damn hit?"

Maybe Vic, Howard, and Utley should stay away. Team plays better without them.