Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday's Matchup & Stuff

The Phillies try to go for the sweep (walkoff sweep?) of the Reds today at 1:35. Ol' Girl Parts will throw for the good guys. OGP sports a pretty average line, 6-7, 4.05 ERA, and for the most part, has been pretty average. Problem is, with the way the offense is performing, an average performance may not get it done. His opponent today will be ex-farmhand Matt Maloney. Maloney was once traded for Kyle Lohse. did a full writeup of Maloney at the time of the trade here. Or I'll just sum it up for you if you don't like reading that much: soft throwing lefty that dominated the low minors at an older age needs to cut down on the walks to reach ceiling of major league 4th/5th starter. Well, Maloney has only walked 9 batters in 46 big league innings but has a 5th starter-like ERA of 4.86. Phils need to jump on this guy early and put this one to bed by the 5th inning.

WSBGMs Phantasy Update:
Carson and I still sit atop the standings, but this update is all about condolences to the owner/manager of "Thank Bill Buckner." Not only does the team have Utley, Heyward and Ellsbury on the DL, they had to suffer from Mike Scoscia allowing Scott Kazmir to stay on the hill last night and absorb 13 earned runs. How the hell does a manager leave his starter out there for that long? No long reliever on the team? Ridiculous.

Cliff Lee Question:
If Cliff Lee would have been Seattle's only All Star representative, would the league have to add a Mariner after Lee's trade or would they allow the game to go on without a player from each team?

Cliff Lee Update:
Lee lost to Baltimore last night. Baltimore. Wow, he sucks. I bet the Yanks are glad they didn't get him.

Come back tomorrow for the next installment in the long line of WSBGMs song parodies, an epic folk tune inspired by Cliff Lee...


SirAlden said...

Dear Carson - aka Fat Girl Parts or FGP's.

I am going to call you that daily, until you ease up on Cole Hamels.

If you look at his starts, his K's are up this year, 104 in 104.1 innings.

9 Quality Starts in his last 11 Starts. He Started off slowly in his first 6 Starts, but he has been fine since.

Stop it GM Carson. Oh - FGP's go look at his last 11 Pitching Line Starts (Dropped out the .2 IP Rain Delay Start in Atlanta)and come back and apologize!

SirAlden said...

Kisses GM Carson's FGP's.


SirAlden said...

Ah.... The EMOTION I get from the MOTION! FGP's Foreva.

ACSmitty79 said...

The author of today's post is Corey, genius.

Corey said...

yeah, and i'm calling hamels "ol' girl parts" in jest b/c of carson's comments in the past. sorry you didn't get the joke.

but...he has been pretty average. which isn't bad. but since i wrinkled your panties i'll go with "slightly above average."

and poor carson, he didn't even do anything to earn that new nickname.

Corey said...

great start by OGP today. and like i said, he needed to be better than average to win because of the shitty offense.

now it's time for brad lidge to blow the save in the ninth. i just hope he holds them to one so they can win it in extra innings.

Andrew said...

That was one good looking vagina on the mound today. Could use more of that performance in the second half

ACSmitty79 said...

We're not in bad shape at all fellas:

-only 4.5 back after the worst offensive month in MLB history,
-historically great 2nd half team over the last couple years.
-This Squad is > the Mets and Braves whom they trail
-Showing serious, serious signs of life over the last 4 games.

I'd say the Phils are still the team to beat in the east.

SirAlden said...

Sorry Carson. Sorry Corey.

The team problem is the Offense, then Blanton, then unsettled Bullpen.

We are only 1.5 Games Back in the Wild Card. Polanco back soon Durbin/Bastardo back soon. Team surges in late summer.

Dominic Brown pulled his hammy in the Futures Game.

I think if Werth goes, he will go to Boston for a young arm/arms. Maybe even Papelbon.

SirAlden said...

Ibanez and Lidge are owed $24M together in 2001.

Papelbon is up for one more a $10M+ Arbitration this Winter then Free Agency after the 2011 Season.

The Red Sox have Bard ready to step-in.

They also have a totally broken down relationship with Elsbury, over the team doctor's mis diagnosis of his cracked ribs, they would not even do an MRI when we requested it.

GM-Carson said...

Cole Hamels gets a reprieve from my name calling today. Great game by him yesterday. I know he can't shut down the opponent every game, but something along those lines is expected. That's some serious momentum heading into the break, gotta love it.

Preserve Jon said...

Longest win streak of the year? Certainly feels like it.