Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today the Phils look to make in 3 in a row over the Rox by placing a man with a spotless ERA on the hill. JA Happ has yet to give up an earned run in the 2010 MLB season. Of course, that spans only 2 starts and 10.1 innings, but regardless that's a 0.00 ERA any way you look at it. For the Phillies to get back into the playoff hunt, they need the same Happ to show up for the final 2+ months of the seasons that has pitched so well over the last 2 years (Since 2008-: 14-4, 208 ip, 150 k, 2.90 ERA, and 1.27 WHIP). It's doubtful he'll keep his spotlessness intact today, but it sure would be great if he did.

*Roy Oswalt got lit up yesterday by the Reds. Like Corey said yesterday, I'd too much rather have Dan Haren for all the reasons he listed, but also this additional one- .364 AVG/.902 OPS this season at the plate.

*If Joe Blanton and the offense were performing up to expectations, we'd be much happier with the performance Kyle Kendrick has given so far this season. Truth is, he's a decent 5th start, better than a lot of other teams'.

*Jayson Werth (94) has only 1 less strikeout than Ryan Howard (95) in 56 less at bats.

*Vance Worley made his MLB debut yesterday, striking out 2 in 1 scoreless inning.


Dr. Steve said...

Also, Vance Worley was sent down to the minors.

GM-Carson said...

Happ spotless no more.

Another tight game going on. 3-3, lets go Phils!

GM-Carson said...

Stop f'n walking batter Lidge! Dammit he drives me crazy. Save or not to save, that is the question.

SirAlden said...

30 Pitch 9th for Lidge.

Ugg Ugg Ugg.

GM-Carson said...

He got the save though...barely.

SirAlden said...

If we are going to Win this year,
we need to roll the dice on some
younger arms like Bastardo - Mathison - Schwimmer.

Roll the Dice - Eat Baez's Contract.

Corey said...

haren to LA. shit.

SirAlden said...

Mutts lost.

Braves lost.

SirAlden said...



GM-Carson said...

Haren would have been a great pickup, better than most people realize. I hope Amaro doesn't do something stupid to get Oswalt.

SirAlden said...

Nice Site.

Hope everyone is having a Nooner/Afternoon Delight.

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