Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oswalt, Halladay, Brown, Win Streak & Rumors

Roy Oswalt:
One of the best pitchers of the past decade is set to join the Phillies upon waiving his no-trade clause and whether or not Philly is picking up his 2012 option ($16M). Roy Oswalt would be an excellent addition to a staff already headlined by Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels. That would give the Phils a top 3 in the rotation that rivals any team in baseball (Cardinals- Wainwright, Carpenter & Garcia, Giants- Lincecum, Cain, & Zito, Rangers- Hunter, Lee, & Wilson, and Atlanta- Hudson, Hanson, and Jurrjens (when healthy). JA Happ would head to Houston along with some prospects (rumored- slugging firstbaseman Jonathan Singleton of the Lakewood BlueClaws). *Added Bonus- imagine turning to "The Roys" in in the playoffs.

Roy Halladay:
Dude is a freakin' beast. 8th complete game of the season which is 1st in the NL by a long shot. Other NL Ranks: 12 W- 3rd, 171 IP- 1st, 149 K- 1st, 1.02 WHIP- 3rd, 2.21 ERA- 2nd. Cy Young? Yes, screw Josh Johnson and the Marlins.

Domonic Brown:

The most hyped rookie debut since Cole Hamels back in 2006, Brown did not disappoint. 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 rbi. That'll do. I'm happy to hear Manuel plans on starting him regularly in Victorino's absence. Gotta think Dom is a better option than Gload or Francisco.

Win Streak:
As predicted earlier in the week, the win streak will rest upon the shoulders of Kyle Kendrick to carry onto 8 in a row. KK has done a decent job as 5th starter this year, and he is far from the problem of this team's previous woes. Offense is back...winning. Pitching is back...winning. They go hand-in-hand for a winning combination in my opinion.

Possible targets (as per MLB Trade Miguel Tejada (I'd rather not, he's gone downhill in a hurry), Jose Bautista (good luck with that one, dude leads MLB with 30 homeruns), Scott Downs (high asking price by Toronto, but very good reliever), Kyle Farnsworth (okay), Christian Guzman (if he comes cheap, do it), Aaron Cook/Fausto Carmona/Jake Westbrook (unlikely with hopeful Oswalt addition), Joe Beimel (he'd be a Phucco, do it), and Octavio Dotel (still k's tons of batters and is just as good as Lidge at closing, also would make him a Phucco).

Best. Video. Ever. Watch!


ACSmitty79 said...

I'd rather pass on Oswalt and keep the younger, healthier Happ. Oswalt has a bad back.

Not to mention, any Oswalt trade makes the Cliff Lee Deal look really, really dumb. It's be one thing if we were trading the garbage Seattle gave us for Oswalt, but noooo, we're going to give up an MLB starting P and some decent prospects.

I'll complain a little less if we get back to the WS.

GM-Carson said...

Astros are said to be eating a lot of Oswalts money still owed to him this season. A pitcher of his caliber wouldn't sign a 2 year deal worth $32M, because they'd want more guaranteed years, but that's exactly what the Phils would be getting. Latest rumor has Vance Worley included in deal.

I know I thought the season was over just a short week ago, but that was more for fun (ease the pain) than anything. Still a long road ahead to beat the Braves or get the Wild Card, but if Oswalt is in tow, Brown can handle MLB pitching, Utley returns healthy, and the Phils pick up a reliever then playoffs might happen a 4th straight season. For now, keep the winning streak going.

GM-Carson said...

The Astros will receive three players for Oswalt, tweets Rosenthal, while also paying a "very significant" part of his salary. Happ will be one of the three. (MLBTR)

Preserve Jon said...

Exciting times indeed.

GM-Carson said...

Although the winning obviously makes this team exciting, Howard's power, Brown's debut, and trade rumors also add plenty of excitement.

ripjgarcia said...

It is an absolute tragedy that Doc only has 12 wins on the season. He should easily be at least 15-5 (there were a couple stinkers in there) at this point with the way he has pitched.

I don't know how much I like this Oswalt trade. Been kind of a bad feeling about it in the pit of my stomach since the reports began.

Preserve Jon said...

Like the trade. But I find it interesting that we add Oswalt's salary. I would think that may indicate RAJ is thinking about life after Rollins.

However, we shipped a SS to Houston. I don't know if Villar was an heir-apparent type player. But that makes me think that Rollins will retire a Philly. As it should be. Our payroll is expanding faster than Uncle Charlie's waste is shrinking.

GM-Carson said...

Happ and 2 prospects to Houston for Oswalt plus $11M. Meaning the Phils get Oswalt for the remainder of this season and next year for $12M combined...damn good! Plus they weren't forced to pick up his 2012 option, but his buyout did go from $2M to $3M.

GM-Carson said...

Happ, Villar, and Gose for Oswalt and money. That's a good deal. Rube did well here.

ACSmitty79 said...

I'm backing off my initial stance since we didn't give up as much as rumored.

Aaron said...

I like the trade. I could care less about Gose...I've never been a big fan of the classic "speedy outfielder whose hitting is a work in progress", I think Gose will be a 4th outfielder in the majors. Don't know anything about the Short Stop they gave up so i don't care about him either.
Happ I love but I don't see him being better than a solid number 3 starter during his carrer.
Oswalt is still a stud and the Phils didn't screw themselves by taking on an enormous contract, thanks to Ed "scrtoum face" Wade handing us back some cold hard cash.
Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels for the next year and a half sounds awfully good to me.