Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Selling Out Yet

                        W   L   GB  
Colorado Rockies 50 41 --
Cincinnati Reds 51 42 --
San Francisco Giants 50 42 0.5
Los Angeles Dodgers 49 43 1.5
New York Mets 49 43 1.5
Philadelphia Phillies 48 43 2.0
Things aren't looking great for the Fightins right now but over the last three years the Phils have been in similar positions and have come back to make the playoffs. So instead of focusing on the negatives (ie the offense, the bullpen, 60% of the rotation...) I'm going to point out that the Phils sit only 2 out of the Wild Card. And I'm not even going to mention that still puts them in 6th place in the WC race...

Now, if they are still in 6th in the WC and third in the NL East at the trade deadline, the Phils have to sell (Werth...), but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

Turning Japanese
The poor Pirates. Not only are they putting the finishing touches on another losing season, a few minor league pitchers are jumping ship (walking the plank?). AAA pitchers Hayden Penn and Vinnie Chulk are leaving for Japan. I guess if you aren't good enough to pitch for the worst team in baseball, you might as well try a different league.

Rule V
David Herndon has only given up a run in 7 or his 29 appearances. Unfortunately, like yesterday's appearance, he's given up multiple runs most of those times. In most years his 4.18 ERA would be enough for me to call for this guy to be sent down, or in this case offered back to the Angels. But he still has a better ERA than Contreras, Baez, Lidge and Madson. So until they have somebody proven to be better, they might as well stick with the guy for awhile.

Today's Loss Game

KK hasn't started a game in 11 days so he should be well rested when he meets the Cardinals tonight. Blake Hawksworth, who started the season in the bullpen, goes for St. Louis. Hawksworth gave up a run in relief and took the loss when the teams met earlier this season. Unlikely to be a pitchers duel. Bet the over.


Bob D said...

trade Baez, Contreras to contenders for whatever they can get then call up Bastardo and Matheison. They can't be much worse than them at this time. We can also see if they can actually be ML relievers this year and next. And this can be done without giving up on the season.

The bench seems to be improving: Dobbs has found his swing, Gload has been solid all year, Fransisco has greatly improved, Valdez has been solid on defense with some flashes with the bat too, and Schnieder he's been OK. Ransom probably won't stick with the team when Utley returns but he has been decent in limited playing time.

Francisco should continue to start for Ibanez against leftys - it should help both to improve and produce for the team. Their averages should jump higher if they are platooned

GM-Carson said...

I don't think this team will make the playoffs. Bullpen is bad, most of the rotation is iffy or just bad, and the offense isn't that good anymore, even with Utley in it.

Andrew said...

Not yet time to throw in the towel, but it is going to be one big uphill battle from here to the end of the season...

ACSmitty79 said...

They will have to have a solid month to make the playoffs. It's not impossible, but also not looking likely at this point.

It's not fair, but i'd start thinking about some serious changes both in coaching and on O going into the off season. All the problems they are having this season they have had the last 3-4 seasons. They frustrated me then and they frustrate me now.

I just think if they played consistently sound baseball they'd still be near the top of the division in spite of the injuries.

Turn over 1/3 of the line up, and start greasing the skids for Charlie's retirement and we'll be back.

Jeremy said...

I've been in Afghanistan for the last 7 months so I've missed all of the season until last night. I must say however that the two outs Jason Werth has made tonight have been hands down two of the most unproductive outs I've seen all year.

ACSmitty79 said...

I keep hearing about Contreras being trade bait.

Why would anyone want him?

Dr. Steve said...

Why are we trading up? The team has issues. We should be sellers, to improve. Not buyers, to risk it all on an already useless season.

GM-Carson said...

Nobody would want Contreras or Baez. We're stuck.

4 homeruns in 1 inning? Wow, Kendrick was serving meatballs on a silver platter last night to the Cards.

Bob D said...

This team can trade Contreras or Baez or others, the have a number of good prospect relievers in the minors (Matheison, Schwimmer, DeFratus, Rosenberg (injured), and Bastardo. These guys may come up and have a 4-5ERA but a few of them have closer potential, they are close to being ML ready, and they would likely have low ERAs. Two things will happen with such moves 1 they could have a great improvement in the pen, and 2 they get to see what they have for next year. Schwimmer and DeFratus both could step in as closer at any time as they are that good.