Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bat Suckitude, Minor Happenings & Moyer's Accomplishment

Bat Suckitude:
Corey may think pitching is the problem, but I tend to point the finger of blame at the lack of scoring runs. Cliff Lee would be a welcomed addition to the pitching staff, but with the lineup's current construction they're not winning any games regardless of the starting pitcher. They've scored 2 runs in 2 games off of the Pirates worst 2 starting pitchers. Yes, it's that bad. I agree that pitching wins the playoffs. Problem being, the Phils aren't going to make it to the postseason if they don't start scoring some f'n runs!

Minor Happenings:
*Domonic Brown is batting .419 with the Iron Pigs since his promotion to AAA. Phils brass continues to stifle talk of the jump to the bigs though, as Amaro & Co. are apparently satisfied with Raul Ibanez's shitastic line of .237/.712. I mean, who wouldn't love those numbers from a decrepit 38 year old outfielder making $12M?

*Clearwater secondbaseman Harold Garcia has a 35 game hitting streak going. What's more impressive is that he's only played in 43 games this season. He's batting .343/.892 with 26 r, 30 rbi, 18 xbh, and 17 sb.

*Ryan Madson tossed 2 scoreless innings for Reading yesterday. A return to the Phils bullpen is imminent, as well are continued 8th inning meltdowns.

Moyer's Accomplishment:
Hey did you know Jamie Moyer is as old as the pyramids and has pitched since the inception of the game back in the 1800's? Yeah, what gave it away, the nickname Grand Pappy? Anyway, being that ancient and tossing slowballs since the beginning of time has lead to him becoming the all-time leader in homeruns surrendered, and the Phils made a t-shirt to honor him. *Hat tip to Todd Zolecki on this one.


ACSmitty79 said...

Agreed! When you're struggling to score runs, why keep Ibanez in the line up when you have Brown to potentillay add some pop? Bring him up after the break and try him you like they did Mayberry last year.

I'm sure it's a money thing like it always is.

The numbers (Ws) are currently pointing towards not winning the Division and making me look bad. I thought we would be able to tee off on the Pirates this week and reach close to 50 Ws by the All Star break. Obviously, we need to get hot next week, cus even the WC would be a stretch

Corey said...

if you think the offense has been the problem with this season, please go back and read my post from yesterday. the phils are top ten in runs/gm and run differential but trail their competitors in most pitching statistics. so unless you want the offense to pitch, i don't know what more they could do.

also, i disagree that you can't win with good pitching and this lineup, that sill included two MVPs. is a lineup with rollins, victorino, werth, ibanez and howard that bad? the braves 2-5 hitters are all below .260 and they have 47 wins. the giants have won 40 games and they had to get a cleanup hitter off of waivers (burrell). the difference. they can pitch.

now, going forward, without utley, the team may struggle to score runs. a team with a pitching shortage now has a hitting shortage and you can't win with both being sub-par. but in two months utley and cooch and polanco will be back in the lineup. but the pitching will still suck. what then?

GM-Carson said...

The offense has had some big weeks, but has vastly underperformed as a unit overall.

The Phillies have played 78 games (41-37) and have scored 3 or less runs in 39 of those contests (50% of the time). So unless the Phillies have a staff filled with Ubaldo Jimenez, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Chris Carpenter, and Josh Johnson they're not going to be winning too often.

You're right Corey, pitching is a problem, but that stat that I just presented to you shows that unless the Phils had the world's greatest rotation and bullpen that they wouldn't be winning anyway.

Bob D said...

the pitching has been exceptable

inconsistancy is killing this team.

The Pirates are halfway done sweeping the Phillies. Today the 3rd and last winless pitcher on the Pirates Justin Thomas and his 13+ERA will enter from the bullpen and win the game for the Pirates. Then the Phils job of making sure that all Pirate pitchers have a win

Corey said...

look at this team 4 games ago before utley went out with an injury (which changes the team's offensive abilities immensely and the lineup without him is not representative of majority of their season thus far)

so, using your barometer of 4 runs/gm...

the offense has scored 3 or less in 36 of 74 games (49%)

the pitching has given up 4 or more in 41 of 74 games (55%)

but let's say 4 runs given up isn't that bad and use 5 for the pitchers. they gave up 5 or more 36 or 74 games, same ratio as the hitters.

the pitching has had as many or maybe even more "bad games" than the offense.

so using your stat, it might actually prove the opposite of your conclusion - unless you have the best offense in baseball, you aren't winning with this pitching staff - or at the very least is shows that the pitching has been as brutally inconsistent as the offense, in which case you need to look at the overall production and ability of the two units compared to their competitors, which i did yesterday.

this offense (when intact..) is good enough to win, but the pitching just isn't. of course, the offense isn't intact and won't be for awhile, so it really makes this a moot argument.

GM-Carson said...

Bocock DFA'd, Cody Ransom up. Who gives a shit?

Dr. Steve said...

The Phillies currently have 12 runs. Shouldn't that prove that any stats for runs per game are going to be ruined by games like these? Followed by games where we score NO runs?

Hamels and Moyer threw great games the past two nights. There's no way you can tell me that our pitching is the biggest problem.

GM-Carson said...

Last night's lineup made sense too. Not sure why Manuel was trying to be cute with Dobbs and Ibanez in the 2-hole prior to that.

Scottie said...

Phils going down today after horrible pitching and okay offense. Lose 3 of 4 to bucs and Braves poised to win tonight with Hudson, so down six in the division. I wouldn't count on a Mets-esque meltdown from the Braves.