Sunday, July 18, 2010

Macho Man Cole Hamels

It's no secret that I have gone to excessive lengths to mock Cole Hamels. I've been referring to him as parts of the female nether regions for the better part of the past year now. Well, it's time I stop and pay the man some respect.
"Hamels has gone seven or more innings in seven of his last eight starts, delivering an impressive 2.96 ERA and 49:18 K:BB ratio during that span (54.2 innings)."
~Sir Alden

The 26 year old lefty is having himself a decent 2010 campaign. 7-7, 119 ip, 113 k, 3.63 ERA, 1.34 WHIP. With better run support he'd easily have 12+ wins. He's far from the problem, he's part of the solution. So, no more unnecessary name calling of Colbert Michaels Hamels...until his next crappy start that is.

*Randy "Macho Man" Savage (Randy Mario Poffo) was a minor league outfielder in the Cardinals and Reds organizations in the early 70's before becoming a professional wrestler.


Matty said...

He's sort of like Moyer. Great when he's good, and stinks when he's bad. Sort of no in-between with him. Feast or famine.

SirAlden said...

Actually no Matty.

What is even more impressive is that if you drop the first 5 starts of the year in April, since May 1 Cole has a 3.09 ERA and 113:31 K:BB ratio during that span (87.1 innings) over 14 Starts with a stinker vs. Toronto and the Rain Shortened 2/3 of an inning where he gave up a Homer in the pouring rain before a rain delay.

Too many Homers, Whip of 1.31 in that span because of the walks, but
just under a K an inning since May.

Yes Cole is a Cali-guy tall - surfer skater - and now because of Heidi's need for fame a Metro Sexual.

But he is our Cali - surfer - skater - Metro Sexual.

Mock him for being in pussy for being in awe of his older wife who he adores, and is not in control of his professional image - yes his a pussy with oak leaf clusters there.

Since May 1st for us he is - Pat Burrell - Hit the Bars and collect the pussy notches worthy on the mound.

Bob D said...

Will Jason Werth swing the bat tonight? How can one walk once and strike out 3 times looking in the same game(Friday)? Add in 1 more walk and 2 more strikeouts yesterday (he did have 2 hits) and it shows he is not being aggresive. Every pitcher knows to throw first pitch strikes to him since he always looks at them. Myabe if he got a bit more aggressive he will turn his season around from this slide he is in and the Phils will score more runs.

GM-Carson said...

Ol' Girl Parts is Cole Hamels no longer.

SirAlden said...

Oh Lord!

Everyone wants something for nothing - to Win big in the Rule 5 Draft.

It is time to let Herndon go on Waivers - why would the Angels want him back. Like Victorino and the Dodgers. If we lose Herndon so be it.

We have a Post Season to Make.

SirAlden said...

Bastardo is a Lefty and can be called back up.

Dr. Steve said...

Are you really blaming David Herndon for this loss?

SirAlden said...

No, I posted the comment after the J.C. Romero two baserunners were cleared along with the baserunner allowed by Herndon's Error loading the bases.

Herndon then gave up a bases loaded
double to Lee.

OH! But there is more! Then he gave up a walk, and then a single, and then another single scoring two more runs.

I like Herndon, I like Baez. Herndon needs to go to the minors and Baez baring injury should be cut loose.

GM-Carson said...

This team will not make the playoffs.

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