Friday, July 30, 2010

In Depth DC/Philly Series Preview

Venue: Obama's Backyard
Bad Guys: Washington Nationals 44-58, Last Place
Good Guys: Philadelphia Phillies 56-46, 2nd Place

Game 1: Craig Stammen vs. Roy Oswalt
(2-4, 5.50/1.47) (6-12, 3.42/1.11)
Reason the Gnats Win: Brad Lidge blows ex-teammate/new teammate Oswalt's masterpiece on an Adam Dunn walk-off bomb in the 9th; fight ensues in the clubhouse afterward.
Reason the Phils Win: Adam Dunn is traded before game time, leaving the Nationals with a dilapidated lineup that is no contest for Roy-2's pitching repertoire. Win Streak @ 9.

Game 2: Ross Detwiler vs. Joe Blanton
(0-1, 0.00/1.64) (4-6, 5.85/1.46)
Reason the Gnats Win: Ian Desmond pulls off the double Howard- striking out twice, committing 2 errors, and hitting 2 homeruns. It's impossible to lose when an event of this magnitude occurs.
Reason the Phils Win: Every time I see/hear R. Detwiler, I think of Rottweilers and with no Save-the-Animals Utley around for protection, that leaves the ugly side of Philly's dog treatment connection. Win streak @ 10.

Game 3: To Be Announced vs. Cole Hamels
(0-0, NA/NA) (7-7, 3.48/1.30)
Reason the Gnats Win: Reading through the scouting report on this To Be Announced fellow and it seems guaranteed victory for the Curly W's. 100+ MPH fastball, biting slider, nasty diving change-up, and a trick pitch knuckleball that actually floats backward for a portion of its trip to the plate before reaching the batter.
Reason the Phils Win: Cole Hamels is a man dammit! Oops, we already knew that. I meant, Cole Hamels is the man. Silly me. Win streak @ 11.


GM-Carson said...

"Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt? More like electric chair, lethal injection and firing squad. " - John Finger, Finger Food

ACSmitty79 said...

I see the Phils taking 2/3.

Jay Ballz said...

Phils sweep....August, September and October.

GM-Carson said...

Sweeping teams isn't an easy task, but the stars are aligned perfectly for the Phils to keep the win training a rolling down that track.

Preserve Jon said...

I'm not sure Oswalt will have his best tonight. He's on normal rest but has had more reporter's hounding him than usual and had to contemplate an emotionally draining trelade.

Of course there's always the will to impress your new 'mates.

I predict 7 + but giving up 3 or 4.

Aaron said...

Greg Gross = W's

Aaron said...

Here is why the good people at ESPN are idiots.
Buster Olney says yesterday...."It looks like if the Phillies are going to make the playoffs it's gonna have to be by winning the division cause it looks like the wild card is gonna come of the NL Central the way the cards and reds are playing."

WTF??? The Giants lead the wild card The Phillies are tied with the cards and only half a game behind the Reds and its not even August yet, but Buster Olney is an "Expert", so he must know something I don't.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...
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