Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do You Doubt It?

Roy Oswalt won't save this team. Domonic Brown won't save this team. A healthy return of Chase Utley won't save this team. Season over. Do you doubt it?


Preserve Jon said...


Also, I just can't see this team inserting another left handed bat into the lineup. The rumor you mentioned sounded good, though.
When facing a right-handed pitcher, you'll have Rollins, Utley (in theory), Howard, Ibanez, Victorino and Brown from the left side.

GM-Carson said...

Possible trade chip:
Matthew Rizzott/1B- 24 years old and has a ridiculous line of .356/.425/.590 (1.015 OPS), 56 r, 117 h, 27 2b, 16 hr, and 66 rbi in 93 games split between Clearwater and Reading.

GM-Carson said...

From Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times.

Picture 1 "Strange things are afoot in the clubhouse of the two-time defending National League champions," Lawrence writes. "Heads are hanging. Making excuses has become tiresome. Players have become downright snippy. After Ryan Madson served up the go-ahead home run in the eighth inning of the Phillies 4-3 defeat to the Cubs Friday afternoon, the dejected setup man stood his ground as a couple of questions were lobbed his way. A few feet away in the close-quarters clubhouse, when Madson’s brief Q&A session ended, Jayson Werth decided to chime in. 'Nice interview, guys,' said the starting right fielder, who went 0-for-3 with three strikeouts, all looking, Friday.

"Nice game, Jayson," Lawrence quips.

*Good for Lawrence. Werth is turning into a Grade A Asshole.

Corey said...

why is werth an asshole?

SirAlden said...

I doubt it!


Happ to Houston for Oswald

Gose to Oakland for Sheets

Werth to Tampa Bay for Minor Leaguers or Davis or Brignac.

Brown and Mayberry up from Lehigh Valley.

ACSmitty79 said...

I think it can be salvaged with a serious shake up.

But's it's going to take a serious shake up for us to remain contenders. Victorino (29) and Fransisco (28) are our only 2 position players under 30. Without a serious change, our run is over.

-I'd deal for Oswalt regardless of this season, since Amaro traded away our #2 pitcher.

-See what Werth brings back.

-And again, i'd float Utley and Rollins out there. Rollins would probably best be a trade deadline guy for panicked teams, cus in the off season, teams have time to analyze him and realize it's not the best move. Utley would bring back a lot more.

Gotta get younger or watch the injuries increase the next 2 seasons as our win totals decrease.

GM-Carson said...

Slept with Utley's wife rumor.

Yelled at the fan.

Snipped at reporter.

Just seems to be going downhill in the face of adversity.

GM-Carson said...

Funny piece on the Werth debate over at The Fightins.

I'm torn on Werth. I like what he brings to the team, but he hasn't brought much of anything for awhile now. I don't want him traded for peanuts, but if he can help land Oswalt then that helps next year's rotation out, so do it.

Bob D said...

Trading Utley or Rollins is a bit hasty. Utley for obvious reasons, Rollins - even if he is declining he is still a very good productive, defensive, speedy, and cost effective shortstop.

This team should not trade for this year, they need to go 42-27 the rest of the way to get to 90 wins and a likely playoff spot (not gaurenteed). Oswalt is one who would be back next year - so thats not a bad senario. I would not trade any top minor leaguers who can fit into the team's plans to try to fix this. The chances of them getting to the playoffs is slim maybe as wildcard (only 4 out but 5 other teams ahead of them).

But I have no problem letting Werth finish season and offer arbitration - if he walks there are 2 first round picks (never a gaurantee to make majors)

Bob D said...

Werth debate was awesome! I don't care if he punches babies either. LOL

Dr. Steve said...

Uh, Matt Rizzott... why would we trade him? Sure, he's 24, but at this rate, we should trade Ryan Howard and use him.

Also, Werth has been performing HORRIBLY. He should still be a class-A (or however it is classified) free agent, so we'd get two first round picks from whoever signs him. If he stills hits like crap, we'd probably get more value by not trading him.

ACSmitty79 said...

Bob, unless we have some secret minor leaguers I don't know about, where do you see this team in 2012?

We can't sit back and watch this team age and sink back to irrelevancy.

Chas said...

I say absolutely trade Werth. He's not coming back next year. The two first round picks we draft will be aumont and gillies clones. He's hitting .150 w RISP in our shitty offense. We'll get Oswalt or Haren for the next few years and give Dom Brown some experience. Seems like a no brainer to me.
But knowing Rube he will completely blow it and give up Werth, Happ, Cosart and Singleton. And we will hate him even more than we do now.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro sucks as a GM. Really, he's horrible. He's ruining this franchise in a short time and handicapping it for the future.

Rube's like a kid in a candy store spending foolishly on sugary goodness to be left broke and nauseous.

Bob D said...

Jury is still out on Rube - some good some bad moves

Reading (AA) has abunch of prospects including Rizzott. But Lakewood has a slew of prospects and was named the best ML team in baseball - quite a fete. And a number of these guys project to be major league starters in the future. 2 years would be a good bet to see a number of them