Monday, July 26, 2010

Afternoon Delight

The Phillies are going for the difficult 4 game sweep of the Rockies this afternoon, and if they pull it off it will be 5 straight victories. The Phils haven't had a 5 game winning streak all season, so this would be quite the afternoon delight they're treating us to. With Jason Hammel and Joe Blanton on the mound, my guess is that they're be some sky rockets in flight as well.

Ross Gload and Brian Schneider get the start in place of Jayson Werth and Carlos Ruiz. Lets go Phils!


GM-Carson said...

1-0 already, 1st 3 Rockies reach base. Joe Blanton sucks!

Shit, as I type, it's 2-0, 4 straight Rockies reach base.

Amaro is such a retard for signing him to a 3 year extension and letting Lee go. Retard!

Dr. Steve said...

Especially since the argument was "We signed Blanton so we have less money for Lee"

SirAlden said...

Tampa Bay Major Leaguers

B.J. Upton CF
Sean Rodriguez 2B-SS
Reed Brignac 2B-SS
Wade Davis RHP

Tampa Bay Minor Leaguers

Desmond Jennings OF
Jeremy Hellickson RSP

Tim Beckham SS
Matt Moore LHP
Alex Colome RHP
Matt Sweeney 3B-1B


SirAlden said...

Blanton Pitched Great as an innings eating number #3 last year. Quality Starts in 17 of last 20 games.

Shoot Blanton like a Horse - put him out of his misery - in Kentucky.

SirAlden said...

Nice Site.

Hope everyone is having a Nooner/Afternoon Delight.

GM-Carson said...

Rockies gifting the Phils with some runs today, Blanton settled down nicely and in line for the win.

Wonder if we'll see Lidge today?

My afternoon delight- Abita beer.

GM-Carson said...

It blows my mind that Brad Lidge makes $12M a year for doing this shit. He had an unbelievable year in 2008 and walked himself into a very undeserving contract.

GM-Carson said...

Career win #500 win Charlie. Congrats.

Andrew said...

just read the boxscore. Lidge's inning looks unbelievable. as much as they like to say it, I will always say, no, 3 outs are NOT the hardest to get.

ripjgarcia said...

What blows my mind is rolling Lidge our there again for 34 pitches after a 30 pitch inning on Sunday, especially since the Rockies hadn't hit much all series.

Aaron said...

considering that the phils winning percentage is 1000 since Greg "jesus" Gross joined the squad, I would like to request a remix of the song from flash Gordon. substituting "flash". For "Gross".