Monday, June 21, 2010

WSBGMs Presents: Worst Decisions in History Pt. 2


Bob D said...

When are we gonna switch back to the Pirates - they had Alverez make his ML debut this last week. And they had some other serious prospects nearly ready to take over.

johnny said...

I think Amaro saying "I can get Baez for two years? Sign him up!" would be much more timely humor. Hard to rip Gillick. Easy to rip Amaro.

GM-Carson said...

Really easy to rip Amaro. He really hasn't done much of anything right.

1. Howard huge/perhaps unnecessary extension.

2. Lidge 3 yr/12 mil per

3. Bench players with 2 year contracts (Dobbs, Gload, Schneider)

4. Baez 2 years/multi millions

5. Blanton a 4/5th starter making #2 money.

6. Trading away Ronny Paulino for Taschner.

7. 3 years/crazy money to Raul.

8. 4 years/crazy money to Madson.

9. Trading away Lee for nothing.

10. Guaranteeing Juan Castro $.

1. Halladay

2. Polanco (still 2.5 years left though)

3. Landing Lee

4. Contreras (although he's been slipping)

*Time will tell on Victorino and Chooch extensions.

Corey said...

i'll roll a pirates post out in the next few days...or weeks. have to comment sometime on the huntington extension.

ripjgarcia said...

Is it just me or have the Phillies really gotten the screws put to them on the interleague schedule this year?

Boston twice.
Blue Jays (currently 38-32)

At least they threw the lowly Indians in.

SirAlden said...


1. Baez 2 years/multi millions (however his WHIP last year was showing good things)

2. Blanton a 4th starter making 3rd starter money. Who has regressed to 6th starter - has arm issues, not throwing sliders.

3. Trading away Ronny Paulino for Taschner.

4. 4 years/crazy money to Madson. Madson was throwing 98 MPH but he will always be a pussy.

SirAlden said...

Things that turned out Bad but were not Bad at the time:

1. Lidge 3 yr/12 mil per (remember what he accomplished)

2. 3 years/crazy money to Raul. (we knew year three would be a bust, but we needed to have the umph that Raul
gave us before the injury. If he can get back to Standard Raul it will still be worth it)

There would be no Halladay, or Halladay Perfect Game, unless Lee was Traded. There was no money in the budget.

Lee could have been kept for 1 year max, (it is clear he and his advisors are taking him to free-agency no matter what, at money at levels the Phillies do not have.

Lee could have been kept If Blanton was DFAed after a solid year.

I have argued for years that the Phillies owners are monsters, one owner sold his stake in a company for over a Billion Dollars. If that was me, I would open up the purse strings and spend more money - join the Red Sox. But they will not. They keep to slot, they work in a MLB Budget. It is what it is. Not fair to the fans who are selling out every night.

There have been only 4 teams in history who have had decade long dynasties - late 20s-30s Yankees - A's - 50s 60s Yankees - 90s-2000s Braves - you can add one or two more.

The Phillies will not "GET OLD" and be maxed out salary wise - unless they come up with at least one starting 16 Player at low salary per year for the next 5 years.

That is why the Lee trade was made and Blanton was kept. Time will tell but the 3 minor leaguers received for Lee are all in the Phillies top 15 Minor Leaguers.

It would sure be nice to have Lee this year, and not Blanton, but I see, based on the Phillies Ownership, why it was done.

SirAlden said...

Howards' Contract Ramps up, and does not cost a lot over the next few years. 120-140 + RBIs is not easily replaced.

In fact in Phillies History it has never happened.

Time will tell. Look at Prince Fielder's regression this year. It was still a good resonale contract, IF you wanted to keep Howard past 2012.

GM-Carson said...

This GM isn't sure he would want Ryan Howard much past 2012.

David said...

any thought that maybe, just maybe, Doc is over-rated? yeah no run support, but dude got pounded yesterday and badly by every AL team he has faced. He seems super against young undisciplined teams-Marlins, Nats, Astros-but his stuff is not electric enough against the elite, patient teams.

Just saying, this guy may not be the premier pitcher and savior everyone thinks he is.

GM-Carson said...


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