Sunday, June 13, 2010

WSBGMs Present: Worst Decision In History Pt. 1


Matty said...

Time will tell.

GM-Carson said...

Time has already told in my opinion. The 2 draft picks the Phils would have received for offering arbitration to Lee would have been likely put to better use than the "prospects" they got. Plus, we have Blanton instead of Lee...f*ck!

*Burrell 2 more hits yesterday.

*Phils 31-29, 3rd place and falling.

ACSmitty79 said...

Holy shit the Sky is falling @ WSBGMs! You all sound like a bunch of chicken littles!

-As of now the Lee trade means nothing because we can't hit and barely won Halliday's perfect game. Lee would be lucky to be .500

-Time will tell on the Howard contract (since the extension doesn't kick in for another 2 years, you have nothing to complain about), but the Blanton money was a mistake.

-Charlie as NOT lost the team (they respect him a great deal actually).

-and the Phillies do care. this is baseball not football where you can go out and make a game changing turnover to smack somebody in the mouth and change the momentum of the game.

-They didn't all forget how to play over night, but they are what they have been the last 3+ seasons: a 90-win streaky team with 100+ win talent. they'll just probably never ever realize 100 wins.


GM-Carson said...

What a sunny bright outlook you have. Good for you.

I don't blame Charlie much for this mess. It's not his fault Utley and Werth forgot how to hit.

However, just wait and see how much Howard's and Blanton's money will handicap this team. Blanton is a #4 pitcher that should be able to be replaced through the minor league system, yet he's gonna be raking in $8M or so a season...c'mon!

Dr. Steve said...

This is all about hitting and not about pitching. If we had Cliff Lee, we'd have lost these games 2-0 instead of 10-2.

Pitching is not the issue. Repeat it back. How can you possibly watch Halladay's most recent game and think "All we need is better pitching"

HITTING. IS. THE. ISSUE. And I blame Charlie, I blame every player, I blame everything. The Phillies at this point should tank the season, not win a single more game, and aim for the first overall. And hope he's a hitter.

Aaron said...

Fuck Werth. Another fucking double play with the bases loaded!!!!!!! Trade him, fuck him.

And fuck Hamels for giving up an HR to Beltre on a 0-2 pitch.

This team is beyond pathetic. Their pussies and losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

Um...pitching isn't the issue. The two turds they trotted out the last two nights did give up 20 runs between them, right?

I realize they don't hit, but my point is their pitching also sucks and if I were to spend $8M a year and get Joe Blanton or $9M and get Cliff Lee, I sure as hell would do the latter.

They are two separate major issues in my opinion. Both are awful and both are heavily contributing to this shit fest we are subjected to day after day.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels is pitching a helluva game today, much needed after very short outings and tons of runs surrendered by the previous two.

It's time to really wonder though- what the hell is wrong with Chase Utley? Batting .250ish...WTF?!

Aaron said...

Fuck Hamels. I don't care what he did today. He sucks.

ACSmitty79 said...

is Dr. Steve being sarcastic? Why would the phillies "tank" for the #1 pick they won't see for 3-4 seasons??

@ GM-Carson...i agreed Blanton's money was a very stupid, inexplicable move.

@ everyone else that thinks the Phils stink, they're pretty much on the same w/l pattern they've been the last couple seasons. Only difference this year was the hot start.

ripjgarcia said...

Hamels with another solid outing.

They say winning pitchers throw strikes. 80 out of 113 pitches today.