Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ugly Apparel, Minor League Standout, & Apology

I stumbled upon this hideous line of MLB apparel today while visiting They refer to it as Players Choice Signature Series, and I be damned these players have some crappy taste. I find Werth's (aka- JDub) big headed monstrosity and Hamels' borderline homoerotic color scheme to be the most disturbing. Visit the page to view other works of shit art by Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez, and Shane Victorino.

Unreal Minor League #'s:
Jonathan Singleton was selected in the 8th round (257th overall) of the 2009 player draft. The 18 year old left-handed hitting 1st baseman has a solid frame, standing 6'2" and weighing 215 lbs. In a 31 game minor league debut with the Phillies Gulf Coast League team last summer he batted .290/.835, which is decent but not earth shattering. You want end-of-times stats, well, look no further. In 2010 he's gone Armageddon-style on opposing pitchers through 24 games: .419/1.256, 16 r, 36 h, 11 2b, 6 hr, 26 rbi, 16:15 bb:k, and 3 sb. Wow!

I'm Sorry Grand Pappy:
Jamie Moyer is the Phils second best starting pitcher this season, and I didn't even want him on the team let alone in the rotation. I should never underestimate this crafty old son of a gun, because just when I count him out, he finds a way to come back and succeed. His pitching arsenal of slow, slower, and slowest is once again working its magic as he notched his 2nd complete game of the season last night for his 6th win, and dropped his ERA below 4. Good job, congrats!

On the subject of apologies, I need to explain myself. When I say I "hate" Player X, I do not literally hate the man, as I know none of these guys personally. Rather I hate the fact that they're on the Phillies. For example, earlier this week I said that I hate Greg Dobbs. Now, why the hell would I hate Dobbs? Fact is, I don't. However, I do want him released, and hate his bat/fielding. Even David Bell, he of much WSBGMs animosity, is not really hated, just extremely detested in the way of him ever donning Phils red pinstripes.

Hey, lets do this! 3 in a row.


8008 WFC's said...

I was at the game last night and could not believe the quick pace it ran. A decent number of hits, timely hits, extra base hits, at least 3 excellent defensive plays. And a super pitch-sipping effort by Moyer, who was not even breaking 70 mph with a number of pitches. Overall, that didn't look at all like the team I've been watching over the last 3 weeks (well, except for the strong starting pitching).

GM-Carson said...

A brisk 2 hour win for the Phightins is always welcomed.

Corey said...

i disagree on the color scheme being borderline homoerotic. i have a "utley 27" shirt from philly phaithful that has that color scheme. and i rock my powder blue phillies cap proudly.

and where the hell is rue mcclanahan? two game winning streak because of her karma. golden girls love the phillies.

GM-Carson said...

Way to own that color scheme Corey, and I too have that same Utley shirt you refer to. It's my anti-Hamels bias coming out. Really, I just wanted to piss commenter "B" off so he'd type me some sweet nothings here today. I miss getting trashed by him.

Also, Blanche will be represented, that error will be rendered shorty.

Bob D said...

I was at Lakewood last night to watch Singleton add 2 doubles and a no-doubt-about-it homer to those numbers. It was awesome

Burbot77 said...

Singleton will be 24 when the Howard deal ends.

Also--way to go with the Golden Girls again, they always seem to bring good luck to the Phils.

GM-Carson said...

Too bad the Golden Girls can't help Joe Blanton...he sucks.

Aaron said...

Fuck you very much Dany's Baez!

The offense still sucks.....and Chase Utley is officially a Vagina. Yeah that's right, I said it.....Utley is a big Vag.
Sac up Utley.

Aaron said...

No runs from the 2nd inning on......1 would have won the game.

NO EXCUSE for Polonco getting thrown out at 3rd in the 10th.

Werth's gonna wiff at a high fastball

Aaron said...

Oh what a shocker! Werth k'd on a high fastball to end the game.....who would have seen that coming .........oh yeah ...everybody.

Fuck the Phillies.

Corey said...

what a kick in the groin this game was.

i'm not going to blame polanco, though. aggressive play to go for third and he get beat by a terrific play by gwynn jr. as for joe blanton, he sucks. and i'm sick of watching raul ibanez flail around aimlessly at pitches. .229. that sucks. and chase utley hitting .260. wtf? i'm going to go drink some gin and get ready for the flyers game...

Corey said...

shit. flyers suck too. at least the gin was good today.

GM-Carson said...

Chase Utley has problems. These numbers for him are unacceptable. And that Ibanez contract is officially a burden. Way to go Rube, way to sign players for way more than they're worth (Ibanez, Blanton, Moyer, Schneider, Gload, Baez) and handicap the team financially.

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