Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things To Do On Father's Day

1. Go to Sunday dinner and overeat.

2. Watch the Phils try and take the series against the Twinkies at 1:35 with Doc Halladay on the mound against Alyssa Milano castoff Carl Pavano.

3. After watching the Phils lose 1-0, tune into the Orioles game to remember just how bad things could be.

4. Mow grass. Stupid grass. Isn't that why God created macadam?

5. Go for a run so belly doesn't get bigger. Stupid metabolism.

6. Retire for the night and watch 300 which I rented on Netflix and hopefully enjoy some Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream.


Matty said...

I'll be at the game today.

Phils win.

Already mowed the lawn.

GM-Carson said...

Roy Halladay isn't even good enough anymore. This team sucks!

Aaron said...

Is it ok to curse now?

Aaron said...

Seriously the Phillies are about to get 3 hit by Carl Pavano sporting a 70's porn mustache on fathers day.....many f bombs need to dropped.

GM-Carson said...

Aaron- curse away my friend. Venting/ranting does a heart good.

Seriously, screw the Phillies.