Thursday, June 24, 2010

Statistical Evidence That The Howard Wins Games

Another Howard, another win, this one in walk-off fashion. Welcome back J-Roll.

The Howard- a feat accomplished when a player hits a homerun, strikes out, and commits and error all in the same game.

Only 1 of the 3 criteria is something positive that would aid in winning a ball game (HR). However, WSBGMs has uncovered irrefutable evidence to prove that when a Phillie commits The Howard in a game it will inevitably end with a W for the good guys. The same cannot be said for the remaining 29 teams' players that commit The Howard, as it seems it's only Karmic retribution for the Phightins.

2010 Howards by Phillies:
Ryan Howard- April 7, Phils over Gnats 8-4
Ryan Howard- April 28, Phils over Giants 7-6.
Jayson Werth- May 6, Phils over Braves 7-2.
Chase Utley- May 14, Phils over Brew Crew 9-5.
Jimmy Rollins- June 23, Phils over Indians 7-6.

*Adam Jones and Tyler Colvin each earned their 2nd Howard of the season last night to tie for the MLB lead.

*For what it's worth, Cliff Lee pitched another complete game for the M's last night, his 4th of the season and is now 6-3 with a 2.39 ERA and 0.91 WHIP.


Kevin McGuire said...

I think you guys have really broken ground on a great statistical feat that should be looked upon wiht the likes of "hitting for the cycle" and "The Golden Sombrero". This is truly fascinating to watch. Thanks guys!

GM-Carson said...

We think so too, now if ESPN and MLB Network would just jump aboard.

GM-Carson said...

Although it shows up in the box score as 2 earned runs on that Donald homer, it was far from that. Valdez botched a double play and Blanton/Polanco/Sardinha missed a foul pop that should have had Donald out.

Bob D said...

And you called me nuts when I said that the Phils will sweep the Tribe.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- I still think your nuts, but in a good way.

Bob D said...

much better